Watercolor Painting
Secrets of Watercolor: From Basics to Special Effects
Secrets of Watercolor
From Basics to Special Effects
Paperback      ISBN: 1440321574
A must-have reference for every watercolorist

This is your complete guide to watercolor--from basic art concepts and techniques to fun special effects and pointers for painting popular subjects. Secrets of Watercolor, From Basics to Special Effects is a handy reference that beginners and experienced artists simply can't be without.

Learn how to:

- Work with the right materials
- Master all essential techniques
- Choose, mix and apply color
- Paint people, landscapes, animals and more
Native Places: Drawing as a Way to See
Native Places
Drawing as a Way to See
Hardcover      ISBN: 1940743451

Native Places is a collection of 64 watercolor sketches paired with mini-essays about architecture, landscape, everyday objects, and nature. The sketches relate the delight found in ordinary places. The short essays, rather than repeat what is visible in the sketch, illustrate ideas and thoughts sparked by that image and offer a fresh interpretation of ordinary things. The goal of Native Places is, in part, to transform the way we see. Through its pages, barns become guidebooks to crops and weather; a country church is redolent of the struggle for civil rights and human dignity; and a highway rest stop offers a glimpse of egalitarian society. Native Places also expresses the belief that writing and hand drawing are not obsolete skills. Both disciplines offer us the opportunity to develop a natural grace in the way we view the world and take part in it.

Seascapes & Sunsets: Discover Techniques for Creating Ocean Scenes and Dramatic Skies in Watercolor
Seascapes & Sunsets
Discover Techniques for Creating Ocean Scenes and Dramatic Skies in Watercolor
Paperback      ISBN: 1600582524

This newest Watercolor Made Easy title combines the drama of beautiful sunsets with the splendor of oceanscapes, making a perfect guide for any aspiring landscape artist. Accomplished watercolorist Thomas Needham begins with basic watercolor techniques and tips specific to rendering seascapes and sunsets, such as preserving the white of the paper, painting soft blends, and creating realistic reflections. Then he offers step-by-step projects that guide artists from initial sketches to impressive, colorful works of art.

Fairies & Fantasy: Learn to Paint the Enchanted World of Fairies, Angels, and Mermaids
Fairies & Fantasy
Learn to Paint the Enchanted World of Fairies, Angels, and Mermaids
Paperback      ISBN: 1600581412

Fairies, mermaids, and angels have captivated imaginations throughout the centuries. Embodying all that is feminine, sparkly, and magical, these fantastic creatures have found their ways into countless stories, films, and works of art that appeal to people of all ages. And now anyone can discover how to bring them to life in watercolor with this delightful 64-page guide. Inside, artist-author Meredith Dillman shares the methods of her unique artistic style, which is influenced by Pre-Raphaelite paintings, turn-of-the-twentieth-century book illustrations, and modern-day Japanese manga--a combination that results in beautiful, contemporary artwork. Meredith provides instruction specific to creating the mythical beauties and their whimsical surroundings, showing readers how to draw and paint faces, bodies, hair, clothing, and more. The author also guides readers through several inspiring projects, demonstrating how to re-create the magic step by step.

Tate Watercolor Manual
Tate Watercolor Manual
Paperback      ISBN: 1849760888

A classic medium, watercolor is practiced by many but mastered by few. This accessible and clear workbook is both a practical guide and an informative history. Beginning with a "1-day course," the chapters cover technique, equipment, general theory, painting plein air, and conservation. The authors also examine the work of watercolor masters, among them Claude Lorrain, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, John Constable, J. M. W. Turner, and John Ruskin. Each chapter includes photographs and helpful examples of works in progress, explanations of methods, and how-to demonstra-tions. Designed for those who have not picked up a paintbrush since high-school art class as well as more seasoned practitioners, this guide is a must-have for anyone who wants to start out in watercolors, become a more assured and better artist, or simply gain a new understanding of the great watercolorists.

Brush Lettering and Watercolour
Brush Lettering and Watercolour
Paperback      ISBN: 6059192025

Brush lettering--hand lettering with brush pens--and creating designs with watercolor paints guarantees you plenty of colorful creative fun The combination of beautiful lettering with a colorful gloss and the delicacy of watercolors opens up a range of new design possibilities. Katja Haas presents various types of lettering and concentrates in particular on the special features of writing and decorating with brush pens. Ideas for feather-light blossoms, tendrils, and decorative elements, along with suggestions for special occasions, make this the perfect companion to lettering.

John Marin's Watercolors: A Medium for Modernism
John Marin's Watercolors
A Medium for Modernism
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300166370

American modernist John Marin (1870 1953) worked prolifically in watercolor, etching, and oil during a career that spanned more than 50 years. It was the medium of watercolor, however, that encouraged him in his development of a bold, original style that is both contemporary and authentically American. Marin s improvisational approach to color, paint handling, perspective, and movement situated him as a leading figure in modern art and helped influence the Abstract Expressionist movement.

"John Marin s Watercolors "is the first book to present the Art Institute of Chicago s impressive collection of his works in its entirety, ranging from early images rooted in traditional practice to more experimental compositions. It explores the artist s working method, his modernist vision as it developed through etching and into watercolor, and his intuitive investigation of the inherent properties of his watercolor to craft a new, avant-garde methodology. The works are organized chronologically and grouped according to the sites where they were painted, including New York City, France and the Tyrol, the Maine coastline, and the New Mexico desert.

Marin had a strong regard for the presentation of his watercolors, and asection illuminates how he chose frames and mountsfor each work. The Art Institute s significant collection of Marin s original frames and mounts were bequeathed to the museum, along with some 50 watercolors, by legendary photographer, dealer, and collector Alfred Stieglitz. Marin s and Stieglitz s attitudes toward presentation are discussed, and the frames are documented with photographic and written descriptions."

The Sunday Afternoon Watercolor Society: San Francisco Impressions
The Sunday Afternoon Watercolor Society
San Francisco Impressions
Hardcover      ISBN: 1935935135

The Sunday Afternoon Watercolor Society (SAWS) was started over 20 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area by founder John Kriken. John, an prolific architect and professor with UC Berkeley, has archived his paintings since SAWS conception and releases them now in one exclusive art book. The Sunday Afternoon Watercolor Society: San Francisco Impressions has over 100 original watercolor pieces from Mr. Kriken, wherein you can also find how to purchase the original pieces outright, and all proceeds go to the Katherine and John Lund Kriken Graduate Student Award at U.C. Berkeley College of Environmental Design.

Fuseli to Menzel: Drawings and Watercolors in the Age of Goethe from a German Private Collection
Fuseli to Menzel
Drawings and Watercolors in the Age of Goethe from a German Private Collection
Hardcover      ISBN: 3791319299
Dramatic Light: Paint Eye-Catching Art in Watercolor and Oil
Dramatic Light
Paint Eye-Catching Art in Watercolor and Oil
Hardcover      ISBN: 1581806582

Capture the elusive nature of light, and make your paintings glow with richness and realism. Dramatic Light shows you how, blending inspiring artwork with clear, step-by-step demonstrations for working in both watercolor and oil. Your paintings will improve instantly as you follow hands-on, visual guidance for recreating the basic principles of light: transparency, translucency, luminosity and reflections. This remarkable book features:

  • 16 step-by-step demonstrations that show you how see and paint light in it many forms
  • A range of styles and subjects to admire and borrow from, including flowers, landscapes, people and still lifes
  • Detailed instruction for mastering challenging textures, such as sparkling glass, sheer fabric, moonlit skies, shimmering water and more
  • Visual comparisons that highlight common mistakes and how to fix them
You'll find the guidance in Dramatic Light very effective and accessible, even if you're new to painting. Special sections cover a range of topics, from creating good compositions to mixing colors to working with reference photos.

Take this guide, explore light's sublime possibilities, and transform your work.