Natural History Illustration
Ocean Fishes: Paintings of Saltwater Game Fish
Ocean Fishes
Paintings of Saltwater Game Fish
Hardcover      ISBN: 0847839079
The captivating watercolors of James Prosek, the artist the New York Times calls "the Audubon of the fishing world." In the tradition of his acclaimed Trout: An Illustrated History, renowned naturalist, artist, and fisherman James Prosek captures thirty-five of the most pursued game fish—from striped bass to tarpon, swordfish to bonefish—as well as many creatures that share these marine ecosystems through rich, highly detailed watercolors painted specifically for this volume.Each painting reflects Prosek's individual experience with a single fish. The artist traveled the world to experience firsthand each species just out of the water before the fish lose their true colors. The original works are life-size portraits (from a 14-inch porgy to a 12?-foot blue marlin), and details from the originals are reproduced at full size to give a sense of scale.This book is a must-have for saltwater anglers, conservationists, art lovers, and anyone passionate about the beauty of the coastline and the mysteries swimming off its shores.

Owls: Our Most Charming Bird
Our Most Charming Bird
Hardcover      ISBN: 1607748797
An illustrated guide to 50 of the world's owl species combines pop-up watercolors with lively, irreverent descriptions celebrating the unique characters of tiny elf owls, huge Eurasian eagle owls, elegant horned owls and other examples.
The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi: Dinosaurs, Saber-tooths & Beyond
The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi
Dinosaurs, Saber-tooths & Beyond
Hardcover      ISBN: 1781169128
The collected works of Julius Csotonyi, one of the world's most high profile and talented contemporary paleoartists. Csotonyi has considerable academic expertise that contributes to his stunning dynamic art. Csotonyi represents the natural world photorealistically and has been influenced by natural history illustrators such as Peter Zallinger, Doug Henderson and Greg Paul. He uses bold patterns and colors to paint the prehistoric world both with traditional media as well as modern digital techniques.
The Paper Zoo: 500 Years of Animals in Art
The Paper Zoo
500 Years of Animals in Art
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 022644712x
As children, our first encounters with the world’s animals do not arise during expeditions through faraway jungles or on perilous mountain treks. Instead, we meet these creatures between the pages of a book, on the floor of an obliging library. Down through the centuries, illustrated books have served as our paper zoos, both documenting the world’s extraordinary wildlife in exquisite detail and revealing, in hindsight, how our relationship to and understanding of these animals have evolved over time. In this stunning book, historian of science Charlotte Sleigh draws on the ultimate bibliophile’s menagerie—the collections of the British Library—to present a lavishly illustrated homage to this historical collaboration between art and science. Gathering together a breathtaking range of nature illustrations from manuscripts, prints, drawings, and rare printed books from across the world, Sleigh brings us face to face (or face to tentacle) with images of butterflies, beetles, and spiders, of shells, fish, and coral polyps. Organized into four themed sections—exotic, native, domestic, and paradoxical—the images introduce us to some of the world’s most renowned natural history illustrators, from John James Audubon to Mark Catesby and Ernst Haeckel, as well as to lesser-known artists. In her accompanying text, Sleigh traces the story of the art of natural history from the Renaissance through the great age of exploration and into the nineteenth century, offering insight into the changing connections between the natural and human worlds. But the story does not end there. From caterpillars to crabs, langurs to dugongs, stick insects to Old English pigs; from the sinuous tail feathers of birds of paradise to the lime-green wings of New Zealand’s enormous flightless parrot, the kakapo; from the crenellated plates of a tortoise’s shell to imagined likenesses of unicorns, mermaids, and dinosaurs, the story continues in this book. It is a Paper Zoo for all time.
Pasta for Nightingales: A 17th-Century Handbook of Bird-Care and Folklore
Pasta for Nightingales
A 17th-Century Handbook of Bird-Care and Folklore
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300232888
The first-ever English translation of a seventeenth-century ornithology text, complete with historic watercolor illustrations
Plants and Flowers: 1,761 Illustrations for Artists and Designers
Plants and Flowers
1,761 Illustrations for Artists and Designers
Paperback      ISBN: 0486269574
Offers scientifically accurate, copyright-free illustrations of hundreds of plants and flowers from around the world
Scenes from Deep Time: Early Pictorial Representations of the Prehistoric World
Scenes from Deep Time
Early Pictorial Representations of the Prehistoric World
Paperback      ISBN: 0226731057
How did the earth look in prehistoric times? Scientists and artists collaborated during the half-century prior to the publication of Darwin'sOrigin of Species to produce the first images of dinosaurs and the world they inhabited. Their interpretations, informed by recent fossil discoveries, were the first efforts to represent the prehistoric world based on sources other than the Bible. Martin J. S. Rudwick presents more than a hundred rare illustrations from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to explore the implications of reconstructing a past no one has ever seen.
Sun Gardens: Cyanotypes of Anna Atkins
Sun Gardens
Cyanotypes of Anna Atkins
Hardcover      ISBN: 3791357980
This lavishly illustrated book features the beautiful and scientifically important photographs by Anna Atkins, whose landmark work combined a passion for botany with remarkable creativity and technical skill. Anna Atkins (1799-1871) came of age in Victorian England, a particularly fertile environment for learning and scientific discovery. Guided by her father, a prominent scientist, Atkins was inspired by William Henry Fox Talbot to take up photography and was friends with Sir John Herschel, who invented the cyanotype photographic process in 1842. The next year, Atkins began making cyanotypes in an effort to illustrate and distribute information about her herbarium. The result was Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions, the first book to be illustrated with photographs. A decade later, she and her friend Anne Dixon expanded their visual inquiry to flowering plants, feathers, and other subjects. This volume is a revised and expanded edition of a long out-of-print monograph that first secured Atkins's place in the history of photography. It draws upon years of careful research and sets Atkins and her work in the proper context. Supplementary texts shed new light on her productions and on the cyanotype process, which is still used by artists today. The photographs themselves--ethereal, deeply hued, and wonderfully intricate--are brought to life with exquisite reproductions that are certain to win Atkins a new generation of followers.

Understanding the Flowering Plants: A Practical Guide for Botanical Illustrators
Understanding the Flowering Plants
A Practical Guide for Botanical Illustrators
Paperback      ISBN: 1847977588
Use this helpful illustrated guide to learn about the parts and purpose of flowering plants, and how to do your own botanical study To study a plant in detail is to make a fascinating journey of discovery. Even plants we think we know well will often surprise us as we look at the intricacy of their structure and how they are put together. This fascinating guide explains what flowering plants are and their relationship to other groups of plants. With drawings, paintings, and photographs throughout, it advises on how to carry out a botanical study and will prove essential reading for botanical artists, photographers, and all those wishing to gain a greater understanding of flowering plants.

Visions of Lost Worlds: The Paleoart of Jay Matternes
Visions of Lost Worlds
The Paleoart of Jay Matternes
Hardcover      ISBN: 1588346676
Showcases the work of the influential paleoartist whose beautiful, detailed work is displayed in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and examines the artist