German Language
Treffpunkt Deutsch
Treffpunkt Deutsch
German    Paperback      ISBN: 0205783422
This Answer Key is available for optional inclusion in course packages; it includes answers for all discrete and short answer exercises in the SAM.
Treffpunkt Deutsch
Treffpunkt Deutsch
Hardcover      ISBN: 0134797124
"The Seventh Edition encourages students to interact more intensively with the German language and to begin constructing meaning from the first day of instruction, resulting in the development of strong language-learning strategies"--
Vocabulary Course German: High Intermediate
Vocabulary Course German
High Intermediate
Compact Disc      ISBN: 1473692903
Looking for a convenient language course that fits your lifestyle and gets you speaking a new language in a matter of hours? The acclaimed audio-led Michel Thomas Method Vocabulary German course, endorsed by celebrities, executives and learners worldwide, will deliver the results you want. How does it work? In this five-hour intermediate level audio course Michel Thomas Method teacher Marion O'Dowd introduces over 1,000 new words, verbs and everyday phrases through essential language building blocks which allow you to increase your vocabulary in manageable, enjoyable steps by thinking out answers for yourself. You will learn at your own pace, pausing and repeating where necessary. You'll stick with it because you'll love it. Why is the method so successful? Unlike most vocabulary courses which give you lists of words to memorise, the Michel Thomas Method-based Vocabulary course allows you to further extend your vocabulary by unlocking what you already know. Focusing on the similarities and differences between German and English, you will gain the tools and strategies to exponentially build up your vocabulary. Who is this course for? Whether you have learned from other Michel Thomas courses or are simply looking for a new approach to help improve your proficiency, Vocabulary will introduce you to a unique way of acquiring language that will significantly boost your confidence in your ability to speak, listen to, pronounce and understand German. What's in the Course?* Vocabulary German includes five audio CDs. The booklet is available to download from *Note that the course content is the same as the previously entitled German Vocabulary Builder+ course, but does not include a CD-ROM. Learn anywhere Don't be tied to chunky books or your computer, Michel Thomas Method audio courses let you learn whenever you want: at home, in your car, or on the move with your MP3 player.
What They Didn't Teach You in German Class: Slang Phrases for the Cafe, Club, Bar, Bedroom, Ball Game and More
What They Didn't Teach You in German Class
Slang Phrases for the Cafe, Club, Bar, Bedroom, Ball Game and More
2nd Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1612436765
Packed with slang words, phrases and expressions not found in any textbook, this fun-to-read handbook teaches the casual, everyday language heard in the cafes, bars and streets of Germany. No one actually speaks the formal German taught in school, which makes this book a must have for anyone looking to chat with the locals without sounding like a robot. Published as an attractive, small trim hardcover, this handy phrasebook makes the perfect gift for travelers and students who want to fill the gap between the German they are learning in class and what is really spoken in Germany.
When in Germany, Do As the Germans Do: The Clued-in Guide to German Life, Language, and Culture
When in Germany, Do As the Germans Do
The Clued-in Guide to German Life, Language, and Culture
2nd Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 1260121631
Live and behave like a local while in Germany—this bestselling updated guide shows you how! Do you want to blend in when visiting Berlin? Make your way through Munich without turning heads? Navigate the narrow streets of an Alpine village like a pro? When in Germany, Do as the Germans Do makes it simple. This invaluable book delivers a crash course in German customs and heritage to help you transform yourself from a typical tourist into a connoisseur of culture. You’ll learn how to avoid embarrassing blunders and enrich your travel experience. Featuring 125 articles, this updated collection of cultural dos and don'ts covers a broad range of topics, including food, art, pop culture, politics, business, entertainment, home life, history, and education. You’ll find authoritative answers to questions such as: •At a restaurant, should I find my own table or wait to be seated? •What is a suitable topic for small talk with a stranger in Germany? •Are gas stations open on Sundays? •What is the fastest train service in Germany? •What can you pay for with a BahnCard in Germany?
Wie Geht's?: An Introductory German Course
Wie Geht's?
An Introductory German Course
German    Hardcover      ISBN: 1285733606
This colorful undergraduate textbook introduces the grammatical structure and vocabulary of the German language and provides numerous exercises for practicing the dative case, verb conjugation, time expressions, adjective endings, verbs with prepositional objects, the past perfect tense, relative clauses, the passive voice, conversation, and written translation. Illustrated with color photographs, cultural notes throughout the 15 chapters explain differences between life in North America and in countries where German is spoken. Annotation
Willkommen! 1 German Beginner's Course
Willkommen! 1 German Beginner's Course
Paperback      ISBN: 1473672678
Willkommen! 1 German Beginner's Course is a best-selling multi-format German adult learning programme for classroom and home use. Fully revised and updated for this new edition, the course includes a coursebook, course pack, activity book and CD and DVD set plus online activities. This blended learning approach will get you speaking, writing and understanding German with accuracy and confidence. The course covers levels A1 to A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages. Whether you are learning for general interest, for your job, holiday, or for an exam, Willkommen! 1 is packed full of comprehensive material and interesting features to improve your fluency and understanding.
Willkommen! 2: German Intermediate Course
Willkommen! 2
German Intermediate Course
German    Paperback      ISBN: 1471805158
The total intermediate German course for multi-platform learning in the classroom at at home.
Willkommen! 2: German Intermediate Course
Willkommen! 2
German Intermediate Course
German    Paperback      ISBN: 1444165208
Willkommen! 2 Intermediate course is a brand new multi-format German adult learning programme for classroom and home use. The course includes a coursebook, activity book, CD and DVD set plus online activities. Created in consultation with teachers and learners it's the perfect follow-up to the Willkommen! Beginner's course and takes your learning further. It can also be used as a starting point for study to review and build on existing knowledge. This Activity Book contains hundreds of extra practice and review activities linked to the coursebook units. The course is full of learning features to help you progress in reading, writing, listening and speaking German. It's designed for classroom use but is also suitable for home study. Also available: Coursebook (ISBN 9781471805158): this full-colour 190-page coursebook is the primary text for the course. Ideal for classroom and home use. CD and DVD Set (ISBN 9781444165234): contains all the dialgogues and listening activities included in the coursebook plus video content building on the real-life German used in the course. Course Pack (ISBN 9781473601390): includes the Coursebook, the CD and DVD Set and a Support Book containing a key to the exercises and audio transcripts).
Willkommen! German Beginner's Course: Course Pack
Willkommen! German Beginner's Course
Course Pack
Paperback      ISBN: 1444165127
Willkommen! is the best-selling German course for adult beginners. Whether you are learning for general interest, for your job, vacation, or for an exam, Willkommen! will provide you with the opportunities you need to speak, read, write and understand German with confidence, and enjoy it too! Willkommen! provides approximately 120 hours of study. Used with the recordings and supplemented by Willkommen! Activity Book, the course is suitable for both group-learning and for self-study. The Complete CD Pack contains a full-colour coursebook, two audio CDs and a Support Book with answer key and recording transcripts.