Urban Geography
Planet of Slums
Planet of Slums
Paperback      ISBN: 1844671607
A celebrated urban historian's bestselling account of the global explosion of slums.
The Epic City: The World on the Streets of Calcutta
The Epic City
The World on the Streets of Calcutta
Hardcover      ISBN: 1635571561
After emigrating to the United States when he was 12, the author describes why he moved back to Calcutta to work for the city’s leading English newspaper and paints a vivid everyday picture of a city past its prime and unchanged by time.
The Continuing City: Urban Morphology in Western Civilization
The Continuing City
Urban Morphology in Western Civilization
Hardcover      ISBN: 0801838010
Minneapolis-St. Paul: People, Place, and Public Life
Minneapolis-St. Paul
People, Place, and Public Life
Hardcover      ISBN: 0816622361
The Twin Cities are an outstanding place to live, work, play, and participate in an active civic life. Lakes, extensive Parklands, natural preserves, and the urban forest play a large role in drawing people to the Twin Cities and keeping them here. Enhanced with maps, photographs, and graphs, Minneapolis-St. Paul is the most comprehensive, up-to-date book available on the metro area and its unique social, economic, political, and physical environment. This impressive and entertaining compilation of information will be useful for present and prospective residents of the Twin Cities, real-estate brokers and developers, local government officials, city planners, public-relations representatives, students of urban geography and sociology and land-use planners.
American Urban Form: A Representative History
American Urban Form
A Representative History
1st Edition    Paperback      ISBN: 0262525321
American urban form -- the spaces, places, and boundaries that define city life --has been evolving since the first settlements of colonial days. The changing patterns of houses,buildings, streets, parks, pipes and wires, wharves, railroads, highways, and airports reflectchanging patterns of the social, political, and economic processes that shape the city. In thisbook, Sam Bass Warner and Andrew Whittemore map more than three hundred years of the American citythrough the evolution of urban form. They do this by offering an illustrated history of "theCity" -- a hypothetical city (constructed from the histories of Boston, Philadelphia, and NewYork) that exemplifies the American city's transformation from village to regionalmetropolis. In an engaging text accompanied by Whittemore's detailed, meticulousdrawings, they chart the City's changes. Planning for the future of cities, they remind us, requiresan understanding of the forces that shaped the city's past.

Beyond the Kale: Urban Agriculture and Social Justice Activism in New York City
Beyond the Kale
Urban Agriculture and Social Justice Activism in New York City
Paperback      ISBN: 082034950x
Urban agriculture is increasingly considered an important part of creating just and sustainable cities. Yet the benefits that many people attribute to urban agriculture

Celebrating Urban Community Life: Fairs, Festivals, Parades, and Community Practice
Celebrating Urban Community Life
Fairs, Festivals, Parades, and Community Practice
Paperback      ISBN: 1442627484
Communal celebrations bring out the best in us, offering a place for people to come together and take a break from the routines of daily life. They are a vital aspect of city life and are increasingly popular as an urban development strategy. Celebrating Urban Community Life is a comprehensive guide to understanding and enhancing communal celebrations as a source of community capital. Drawing on case studies from New York, San Francisco, and Toronto, Melvin Delgado discusses the many ways in which fairs, festivals, and parades can enhance communal life. Providing a framework for social scientists, urban planners, and social workers to analyse and foster celebrations that benefit urban populations, the book is a valuable resource for those with an interest in this growing area of academic and practical interest.
City Unseen: New Visions of an Urban Planet
City Unseen
New Visions of an Urban Planet
Hardcover      ISBN: 030022169x
Stunning satellite images of one hundred cities show our urbanizing planet in a new light to reveal the fragile relationship between humanity and Earth Seeing cities around the globe in their larger environmental contexts, we begin to understand how the world shapes urban landscapes and how urban landscapes shape the world. Authors Karen Seto and Meredith Reba provide these revealing views to enhance readers’ understanding of the shape, growth, and life of urban settlements of all sizes—from the remote town of Namche Bazaar in Nepal to the vast metropolitan prefecture of Tokyo, Japan. Using satellite data, the authors show urban landscapes in new perspectives. The book’s beautiful and surprising images pull back the veil on familiar scenes to highlight the growth of cities over time, the symbiosis between urban form and natural landscapes, and the vulnerabilities of cities to the effects of climate change. We see the growth of Las Vegas and Lagos, the importance of rivers to both connecting and dividing cities like Seoul and London, and the vulnerability of Fukushima and San Juan to floods from tsunami or hurricanes. The result is a compelling book that shows cities’ relationships with geography, food, and society.
Concrete Jungle: New York City and Our Last Best Hope for a Sustainable Future
Concrete Jungle
New York City and Our Last Best Hope for a Sustainable Future
Hardcover      ISBN: 0520270150
Traces the geological history of New York, using it to highlight the intricate relationship between cities and the environment.
Global Asian City: Migration, Desire and the Politics of Encounter in 21st Century Seoul
Global Asian City
Migration, Desire and the Politics of Encounter in 21st Century Seoul
Hardcover      ISBN: 1119379989
Global Asian City develops a novel approach to exploring the relationship between migration and cities centered on the idea of desire as a social force that drives migration. Based on the author's two landmark studies, the book draws on more than 120 interviews of emigrants to Seoul-including migrant workers from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, English teachers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK and USA, and international students at two elite Korean universities-to offer a rich comparative account of the lives of different migrant groups on temporary status in the Seoul Metropolitan Region. The author focuses on the causes of international migration to Seoul, South Korea, and reveals how migration has transformed the city and nation, especially in the last two decades.