Drawing of Specific Subjects
Portrait Drawing: The Quick Guide to Mastering Technique and Style
Portrait Drawing
The Quick Guide to Mastering Technique and Style
Paperback      ISBN: 1631594699
The instructions are quick visual exercises in Pocket Art: Portrait Drawing, the first book in the new Pocket Art series. This lively, graphic approach to explaining concepts will have you looking and learning with step-by-step illustrations and expert tips straight from London-based artist Joanna Henly (aka Miss Led). This compact 112-page book is just right for carrying in a backpack or pocket for when you’re learning on the go. Henly begins by guiding you through your initial set up, then moves on to "Understanding the Face." She takes you through every detail of capturing facial features and expressions, and mastering the rendering of hair and skin. Her exercises demonstrate and reinforce everything you learn as you go along.
My Fashion: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Fashionistas
My Fashion
A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Fashionistas
Paperback      ISBN: 1631590979
Whether you dream of stunning sequins, a couture closet, or stylish shoes, Dream, Draw, Design My Fashion will let your creativity flow! What does your dream closet look like? Why not sketch it! Dream, Draw, Design My Fashion is the perfect inspirational sketchbook, idea book and guided journal for anyone wanting to draw and design their own outfits, costumes, or clothing! Enjoy the stimulating ideas and prompts for patterns, colors, details and design elements to help dreamers get motivated and get started. This playful book is meant to be a visual guide, not a technical handbook, so you can create until your fashion is fierce and fabulous right on the pages! Illustrator Bijou Karman, whose sketches are becoming well-known in the style world, will guide both experienced and amateur designers. The unfinished quality of the line drawings leave room for the reader to imagine how they would complete, color, and accessorize every outfit, style the hair and makeup, and design the shoes and bags of their dreams. Whether you dream of a red-carpet gown, the perfect winter outfit, or the coolest boots,Dream, Draw, Design My Fashion will let your creativity flow!
The Creature Garden: An Illustrator's Guide to Beautiful Beasts & Fictional Fauna
The Creature Garden
An Illustrator's Guide to Beautiful Beasts & Fictional Fauna
Hardcover      ISBN: 1631064274
The Creature Garden takes you on a step-by-step expedition through the natural world, teaching you how to draw and paint 50 animals in a whimsical folk-art style. Your guides on this journey are the husband-and-wife illustrator team Harry and Zanna Goldhawk, the founders of Papio Press, who will teach you how to make vibrant paintings of beasts—both real and imagined. Learn to create: - MAMMALS, including big cats, wolves, sloths, and red pandas - MARINE LIFE, including whales, sea dragons, narwhals, and giant Pacific octopi - BIRDS, including peacocks, cranes, owls, and flamingos - INSECTS, including butterflies, moths, bumblebees, and damselflies - MYTHICAL CREATURES, including mermaids, unicorns, and dragons - AND MORE! Each project takes you through every step of the artistic process, from creating an outline to adding a realistic animal pattern, along with suggestions for materials and helpful techniques. Full of lush warmth and fairy-tale wonder, The Creature Garden is a wonderful addition to the repertoire of both seasoned artists and novices alike.
Fashion and the Art of Pochoir: The Golden Age of Illustration in Paris
Fashion and the Art of Pochoir
The Golden Age of Illustration in Paris
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500239398
A celebration of the painstaking hand-stenciling technique known as pochoir, as it was used in luxury fashion publications of the early twentieth century
Stick Sketch School: An Animal Artventure: Mastering the Art of Stick Figure Critters
Stick Sketch School
An Animal Artventure: Mastering the Art of Stick Figure Critters
Paperback      ISBN: 1631063057
Master the art of stick figure critters! Since Billy Attinger founded his company, Stick World, pop culture has exploded with stick figure art. Social media feeds and other online resources are the perfect home for this brand of simple, pithy, and often wickedly funny art. Stick figure images and messages are easily conveyed through social media, frequently going viral because of how easy they are to read and share on your phone. The best part about stick figures is that anyone can draw them! Billy Attinger showed how to draw stylized stick figures in his popular Stick Sketch School, and now he's back to show the world his stick figure animals. Take an "artventure" around the world: learn to draw stick animals in the jungle, the Arctic, the rainforest, the Outback, underwater, and more! You'll even learn how to draw extinct animals and fantasy animals in stick form. Each spread features a grid to show the reader how to draw the lines, how to add movement, expression, and more. Ideal for the visual learner and accompanied by tips and tricks from stick artist Billy Attinger, the book shows how to make your stick animals personal, recognizable, and unique!
Draw, Color & Sticker into the Wild Sketchbook: An Imaginative Illustration Journal
Draw, Color & Sticker into the Wild Sketchbook
An Imaginative Illustration Journal
Paperback      ISBN: 1631593021
Create your own piece of art using stickers and illustrations as guides The Draw, Color, and Sticker Forest and Field Sketchbook offers page after page of beautiful inspiration designed to get you drawing. Stickers and partially illustrated pages provide a rich canvas to get readers to think about and practice drawing various themes and elements. Each illustrated spread is followed by a more open spread with the same theme and a prompt, ready for readers to take the lead and fill in with their own designs and stickers. Black and white drawings with touches of color get readers started, and invite further experimentation. The uncoated paper stock is perfect for drawing, painting, and coloring with any variety of materials. Stickers are also printed on soft uncoated paper so they can take color or additional drawing on top. A perfect offering for grown-ups desiring a simple yet beautiful creative outlet. For "coloring book graduates"â??simple steps for learning to draw.
20 Ways to Draw a Doodle and 44 Other Zigzags, Twirls, Spirals, and Teardrops: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers
20 Ways to Draw a Doodle and 44 Other Zigzags, Twirls, Spirals, and Teardrops
A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers
Paperback      ISBN: 1592539246
Perfect for artists, crafters, illustrators, cartoonists, comic artists, designers, and doodlers, this book offers inspiration, hints and tips to draw abstract shapes, lines, and patterns!
Anatomy Drawing School: Animals
Anatomy Drawing School
Paperback      ISBN: 3848008300
The Anatomy Drawing School—Animal anatomy recognizes the prominent role of the anatomy for the fine arts. The impressively detailed illustrations of the Hungarian master András Szunyoghy have accompanied artists as well as anatomists all over the world for more than a decade. This edition is intended to make Szunyoghy’s work accessible for an even broader public.
The Art of Drawing Dangles: Creating Decorative Letters and Art with Charms
The Art of Drawing Dangles
Creating Decorative Letters and Art with Charms
Paperback      ISBN: 1631063251
Offers step-by-step instructions for embelishing letters and artwork using dangles, from drawing single letters and words to the creation of stationary and artwork for framing.
Baby Birds: An Artist Looks into the Nest
Baby Birds
An Artist Looks into the Nest
Hardcover      ISBN: 0544206703
An artist and a wildlife rehabilitator presents a visually stunning book, combining art and natural history, that is filled with more than 400 watercolor paintings that capture the breathtakingly swift development of 17 different species of wild birds. 35,000 first printing.