Drawing by Individual Artists
Hundertwasser: Complete Graphic Work 1951-1976
Complete Graphic Work 1951-1976
Hardcover      ISBN: 3791341146

Although books on Hundertwasser's work abound, few are as satisfying as this luxuriously designed, one of a kind volume thhat was originally created as an exhibition catalog. Bound in black linen, foil-embossed, and printed in six colors with impeccable attention to detail, this gem of a book contains nintey-eight color illustrations featuring a selection of Hundertwasser's graphic works along with critical texts and commentary by the artist. A short introduction, an essay on the artist's grapgic work and an up-to-date biography make this an indispensable book for fans of Hundertwasser and lovers of beauty.

The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs: Folk Music Illustrated by Jennie Smith
The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs
Folk Music Illustrated by Jennie Smith
Hardcover      ISBN: 0811875091

Our love affair with folk songs runs as deep as the enduring power of music, nature, creativity, and the longings of the human heart. Artist Jennie Smith celebrates the tradition with her illustrated renderings of thirteen soulful songs, including time-honored Scottish ballads, classics by the likes of the Carter Family, contemporary favorites by Gillian Welch, and more. Smith's art--hopeful, sincere, and delicate--adds an unexpected and charming dimension to a familiar genre. With a foreword from contemporary folk legend Michael Hurley, complete lyrics, and playable tablature or sheet music for each song, this is a keepsake collection for the whole family to treasure.

Legacy: Selected Paintings and Drawings by the Grand Master of Fantastic Art, Frank Frazetta
Selected Paintings and Drawings by the Grand Master of Fantastic Art, Frank Frazetta
Hardcover      ISBN: 1887424482
Frank Frazetta's paintings and illustrations have set the standard for fantasy artists for the past 50 years. This collection focuses on his influence in a variety of media and genres and on his place in 20th century art history. Coedited by Hugo Award-winning editor Arnie Fenner, it includes many of Frazetta's most memorable paintings as well as revised and previously unpublished works. The art is accompanied by the artist's own observations and commentary by a number of his contemporaries.

Dust Jacket : Near Fine. Limited, numbered (1158 out of 2500) slipcaed edition.

The Drawings of Guercino in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle
The Drawings of Guercino in the Collection of Her Majesty the Queen at Windsor Castle
Hardcover      ISBN: 0521244765

4to, 502pgs, Signed and inscribed by both editors alongside owner's notes on FFEP. DJ dampstained but boards bright and unmarked.

Adventures of Herge
Adventures of Herge
Hardcover      ISBN: 0867196793

Examines the life and passions of a man who, despite his international fame, preferred to avoid the limelight, finding inspiration in modern art, the latest scientific developments and world affairs, and seeking enlightenment in Zen Buddhism and philosophy.

Aldo Giannotti: Spatial Dispositions
Aldo Giannotti
Spatial Dispositions
Paperback      ISBN: 3903131350
Spatial Dispositions features Italian artist Aldo Giannotti's (born 1977) latest intervention at the Albertina: conceptual drawings that examine the museum's various collections, employees and visitors in a mode both performative and installational. Gionnotti breaks with tradition, taking on the spatial, architectural, historical and social in this series.
Amphigorey Again
Amphigorey Again
Paperback      ISBN: 0156030217

This collection displays in glorious abundance the offbeat characters and droll humor of Edward Gorey. Figbash is acrobatic, topiaries are tragic, hippopotami are admonitory, and galoshes are remorseful in this celebration of a unique talent that never fails to delight, amuse, and confound. Amphigorey Again contains previously uncollected work and two unpublished stories--"The Izzard Book," a quirky riff on the letter Z , and "La Malle Saignante," a bilingual homage to early French silent serial movies. Rough sketches and unfinished panels show an ironic and singular mind at work.

Amy Cutler: Turtle Fur
Amy Cutler
Turtle Fur
Hardcover      ISBN: 3775728090

Polite ladies in Victorian costume dancing on tabletops with chairs worn like hats on their heads; young girls with little foals strapped to their backs; a team of women dutifully mending docile tigers with needle and thread--all of these surreal antics depicted on a bare white ground--this is the jauntily disturbing imagery of Amy Cutler (born 1974), as clear-eyed in its execution as it is enigmatic in content. Cutler's gouaches and drawings on paper have won fans and collectors worldwide, and their winning amalgam of rich imagination and skillful execution, which together update lineages as various as Persian miniature painting, Surrealism, children's fairytale books and Japanese woodblock printing, offers satisfactions rarely found in contemporary art. More recently, Cutler has ventured into sculptural installation, realizing her idiosyncratic world in three dimensions with a work titled Alteraciones, in which dozens of female figurines--produced from molds handmade by the artist--are gathered around a tabletop and are weaving a thread that binds them to each other. This volume, published for the artist's 2011 exhibition at SITE Sante Fe, is Cutler's second monograph (her first went out of print quickly and is already a rarity), and draws from private and public collections to offer a thorough survey of her work from the late 1990s to the present.

The Anatomy Sketchbook
The Anatomy Sketchbook
by Ilex
Paperback      ISBN: 1781575053

Understand the body's framework, grace and utility, and each vital element in this cunningly guided sketchbook.

Anatomical mastery was critical to Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci's success. They understood that to draw a figure you must first learn its underlying architecture. Touching on structural drawing, the skeleton, musculature and modelling, this sketchbook includes 20 pioneering examples of anatomical study alongside helpful directions from celebrated artists, scientists and art historians. Whether drawing hands with Raphael, an eye with Escher, a foot with da Vinci or a torso with Giacometti, you will come to understand each element of the body and how they form a whole.

The masterpieces, wisdom and glossary included in these aided sketchbooks together offer a strong foundation for artistic progression, and there's plenty of blank space to work your thoughts through. Gain the technique and confidence you need to produce accomplished results.
Andrea Galvani
Andrea Galvani
Hardcover      ISBN: 8867493027

This monograph offers a portrait of more than a decade of work by Italian photographer Andrea Galvani (born 1973), with over 400 pages of color images, handmade drawing, archival materials and essays and interviews by critics and curators.