Drawing by Individual Artists
Picasso and the Art of Drawing
Picasso and the Art of Drawing
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300234805

In this generously illustrated and lively book, Christopher Lloyd sets out and interprets the lifelong achievement of Picasso (1881-1973) as a draftsman. Although there have been many publications about his drawings that have tended to focus on particular periods of his career, this stunning volume specifically examines how drawing serves as the vital thread connecting all of Picasso's art, just as it also links his private world with his public persona of which he was becoming increasingly aware in his later years. Picasso and the Art of Drawing ultimately showcases how the basis of the titular artist's style as painter, sculptor, printmaker, and designer was manifestly achieved through drawing.

Picasso the Line
Picasso the Line
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300223072
The first comprehensive study of Picasso's mastery of line drawing and its centrality to his artistic process

This beautiful new study provides an insightful reevaluation of the role of line in the work of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). Picasso pursued drawing assiduously throughout his career, ranging across media such as pen and pencil, charcoal, and papier coll . This book brings together eighty extraordinary drawings spanning the most important phases of Picasso's career. Contributors discuss the artist's intensive exploration of line in relation to three-dimensional form, both in the context of the European artistic tradition and in analyses of selected works. Drawing emerges as central to the artist's process--a creative process that reveals another facet of Picasso's genius for making art out of the simplest of means.

The first in-depth exploration of the artist's line drawings, Picasso The Line conveys how essential these powerful works are within the artist's oeuvre. As Picasso himself stated: "line drawings are the only ones that cannot be imitated."
Pirates, Patriots, and Princesses: The Art of Howard Pyle
Pirates, Patriots, and Princesses
The Art of Howard Pyle
Paperback      ISBN: 0486448320

A giant in the field of illustration and children's books, Howard Pyle (1853-1911) published some 3,300 illustrations during his thirty-five-year career. He also wrote many of the stories he illustrated and, as a teacher, shared his artistic views and skills with such students as Maxfield Parrish and N. C. Wyeth, who, along with many others, went on to become celebrated artists in their own right.)
This volume contains more than sixty of Pyle's best works. Characterized by an imaginative and colorful realism, his art dramatized themes with universal appeal: the romantic nature of medieval chivalry, the ruthlessness of pirate greed, and the pride of embattled soldiers. Selected from beloved classics and hidden gems and amassed over years of research by an expert in the field, these richly colored drawings will delight a wide audience of art lovers and book collectors.

R. Crumb: From the Underground to Genesis
R. Crumb
From the Underground to Genesis
Hardcover      ISBN: 1684051096

Mus e d'Art moderne de la Ville de Paris presents a premiere retrospective exhibit on one of the greatest illustrators of the past fifty years: Robert Crumb. A founding pioneer of Underground comics, he represents a mythical figure in American counter-culture. His satirical stories tear down moral constraints and provide a sharp critique of society and its absurdities.

Robert Crumb is the quintessential underground artist. His masterfully rendered comics and sketchbook drawings spanning nearly five decades, markedly lacking in concession or self-censorship, offer a profound cultural critique filtered through demanding psychological self-reflection. Crumb's art, which pioneered the transformation of comics into an adult literary form, addresses a plethora of personal and political themes within a multidimensional narrative framework. The work starkly depicts sex, violence, and race, among many other subjects, offering revelatory insight into the human condition within the snarled jumble of a radically changing America. He combines the keen critical voice of the master satirist with some of the most impressive draftsmanship seen in contemporary art, and his work has proved endlessly insightful, controversial, and provocative.
Rakugaki Notes
Rakugaki Notes
Japanese    Paperback      ISBN: 4768307779
Brilliant drawing skills and excellent use of color, the talented manga artist and illustrator, Eisaku Kubonouchi, is a genius who can express emotion and drama in his drawings.
Eisaku Kubonouchi is a popular Japanese manga artist whose manga series are well-received and made into films and TV dramas such as "Tsurumoku Dokushin Ryo," "Watanabe," and "Chocolat." His sensitive creation, sophisticated scheme and vivid characters attract many fans ranging from young to old. Over 200 items were selected from both his private and commercial drawings by Kubonouchi himself. It is a book of permanent value, with five essays, character design drawings, plus a bonus picture book included.
Rembrandt Drawings: 116 Masterpieces in Original Color
Rembrandt Drawings
116 Masterpieces in Original Color
Hardcover      ISBN: 0486461491

With an extraordinary blend of the commonplace and the sophisticated, Rembrandt captured the essential humanity of his subjects. From his intimate observations of everyday life to his richly envisioned biblical allegories, the Dutch master created moving, inspiring images that have captivated viewers across four centuries. This original collection offers an unusual perspective on the artist, consisting exclusively of his drawings--all in their original colors, and most of them in their original sizes.
These acclaimed drawings date from the 1620s to the 1660s, spanning Rembrandt's prolific career and documenting his changes in style and focus. Superb examples from every genre of the artist's work include landscape drawings, figure studies, scenes from the Old and New Testaments, animal sketches, and several portraits, including a few of the self-images for which he is famed.
Beautifully produced in a generous format on high-quality paper, this deluxe edition offers a rare variety of 116 works from more than twenty major European and American museums. Informative captions accompany each illustration.

Rembrandt Drawings
Rembrandt Drawings
Paperback      ISBN: 1606066366
"Seymour Slive, who should be considered the dean of scholars of 17th-century Dutch art, brings a lifetime of study and erudition to Rembrandt Drawings. . . . You would have to go a long way to find a better guide than Mr. Slive."
--Wall Street Journal

Written by renowned Rembrandt scholar Seymour Slive, this gorgeous volume explores the artist's extraordinary achievements as a draftsman by examining more than 150 of his drawings. Reproduced in color, these works are accompanied by etchings and paintings by Rembrandt and others, including Leonardo and Raphael. Unlike other publications of Rembrandt's drawings, here they are arranged thematically, which makes his genius abundantly clear. Individual chapters focus on self-portraits, portraits of family members and friends, the lives of women and children, nudes, copies, model and study sheets, animals, landscapes and buildings, religious and mythological subjects, historical subjects, and genre scenes. Slive discusses possible doubtful attributions, which account for the considerable reduction from earlier times in the number of drawings now ascribed to the master.
Richard Lindner: Drawings
Richard Lindner
Hardcover      ISBN: 3735602304

After his earlier career as a graphic designer, German-American Richard Lindner (1901-78) became a pioneer of Pop art, uniting caricatured elements of New Objectivity with the intense color and collage-like flatness of Pop. This volume features his works on paper.

Richard Serra: Notebooks Vol. 2
Richard Serra
Notebooks Vol. 2
Hardcover      ISBN: 386930975x

Throughout his career, the renowned American sculptor Richard Serra has kept a large number of notebooks and sketchbooks which by now fill an entire library in his studio. Contained within them are delicate sketches of his travels, of landscapes, architecture and ideas, some of which the artist has developed into sculptures and drawings. Serra has personally selected three of his sketchbooks, two of which were made in Iceland in 1989, plus a very recent one from Qatar, reproduced here in facsimile.

Richard Serra was born in San Francisco in 1938. Since the 1960s he has exhibited extensively throughout the world. Serra has created a number of site-specific sculptures in public and private venues in both North America and Europe. His books include Sculpture 1985-1998 (1999), The Matter of Time (2005), Te Tuhirangi Contour (2005) and Notebooks (2011). He lives in New York and Nova Scotia.

Richard Serra Drawing: A Retrospective
Richard Serra Drawing
A Retrospective
Hardcover      ISBN: 030016937x

As the focal point of numerous high-profile exhibitions, the sculpture of Richard Serra (b. 1939) has drawn international acclaim. Yet even those who have marveled at Serra's intellectually rigorous and large works of sculpture may not be familiar with his equally intriguing drawings. This handsome book brings together for the first time Serra's drawn work, considering the artist's investigation of medium as an activity both independent from and linked to his pioneering sculptural practice.

First working in ink, charcoal, and lithographic crayon on paper, Serra originally used drawing as a means to explore form and perceptual relations between his sculpture and the viewer. Over time, his drawings underwent significant shifts in concept, materials, and scale and became fully realized and autonomous works of art. The grand, bold forms he created with black paintstick in his monumental Installation Drawings were designed to disrupt and complement existent spaces and eventually began to occupy entire rooms. In the late 1980s, Serra explored the tension of weight and gravity through layering, and his most recent work experiments with surface effects, using mesh screens as intermediaries between the gesture and the transfer of pigment to paper.