Modeling the Figure in Clay, 30th Anniversary Edition: A Sculptor's Guide to Anatomy
Modeling the Figure in Clay, 30th Anniversary Edition
A Sculptor's Guide to Anatomy
Paperback      ISBN: 0823030962

For thirty years, Modeling the Figure in Clay has been an indispensable anatomical resource for people who think, see, and understand form best in the round: sculptors. In the thirtieth anniversary edition of this classic work, master sculptor Bruno Lucchesi invites you on a guided tour of the human form. Follow him as he creates a figure in clay--literally from the inside out--starting with the skeleton, laying on the muscles to show male and female anatomy, and finishing with a complete figure sculpture with every detail of face and hair carefully modeled.

BRUNO LUCCHESI's work has been added to the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Dallas Museum, among many others. Lucchesi has received awards from the National Academy, the National Arts Club, and the Architectural League. He was a Guggenheim Fellow in 1962-1963, he won a Gold Medal award from the National Academy of Design in 1990, and was awarded the Polich Tallix Foundry Prize from the National Sculpture Society in 2009.
Sculpture of the Rockies: 97 Contemporary and Traditional Artists
Sculpture of the Rockies
97 Contemporary and Traditional Artists
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1440303142

The Rocky Mountain region of the American West is renowned for its natural beauty—rugged, snowcapped peaks, sweeping valley vistas, towering pine trees, delicate wildflowers—as well as its artistic splendor, with many noted sculptors living and working in this area. The region's art festivals and galleries celebrate the best in American sculpture today, proving to be a visual paradise for serious collectors, art enthusiasts and tourists alike.

Take an inside look at this vibrant art scene as 97 contemporary sculptors share their favorite pieces along with firsthand insights on the inspiration and techniques behind them. The subjects and styles of their works range from traditional to contemporary and from representational to abstract. This guide is a must-have for collectors in search of artists, artists in search of ideas and visitors who want a beautiful memento of their time spent in this breathtaking landscape.

Living Materials: A Sculptor's Handbook
Living Materials
A Sculptor's Handbook
Paperback      ISBN: 0520064526

Every material has an active presence and every material is susceptible to change. The task of the sculptor is to understand the natural properties of a chosen material, to know in the process of creation how best to work with, or against, its characteristics. In this generously illustrated studio manual, sculptor Oliver Andrews takes a new approach to sculpture, focusing on how the innate assertiveness of materials affects the complex act of making a sculpture.

Unmonumental: The Object in the 21st Century
The Object in the 21st Century
Paperback      ISBN: 0714863106

This volume features recent work by 30 contemporary sculptors, all selected by one of contemporary art's most accomplished curatorial teams. It includes essays, artists biographies and a lexicon of contemporary sculptural terms.

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Disarmed: The Story of the Venus De Milo
The Story of the Venus De Milo
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0375415238

The story of one of the most famous statues in history is fully told here, from the unearthing of the statue in 1820 through quibbles among the French, Germans, and Turks, over who should possess her.

The Hours of Night and Day: A Rediscovered Cycle of Bronze Reliefs by Giovanni Casini and Pietro Cipriani
The Hours of Night and Day
A Rediscovered Cycle of Bronze Reliefs by Giovanni Casini and Pietro Cipriani
Hardcover      ISBN: 0989371859

In this book s breathtaking images, extensive documentation, and incisive analysis, a cycle of six highly important bronze reliefs representingThe Hours of Night and Day is being published for the first time. Made in Florence at the beginning of the eighteenth century, these bronzes epitomize pre-modern notions about time, which are visualized through an elaborate array of mythological and allegorical components. In describing and deciphering the meanings and traditions of the scenes represented in these bronzes, the authors unveila multi-faceted concept of time that is based upon the human perception of the Hours, while also pointing toward their otherworldly, magical dimension. The Hours of Night and Day, a celebrated masterwork in its own time, is the result of a fortuitous collaboration between the painter and modeler Giovanni Casini and the bronze sculptor Pietro Cipriani. With the discovery of these long-forgotten bronzes, and of bronze versions after Greco-Roman statuary most notably the Venusde Medici and the Dancing Faun now at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles it becomes apparent that Cipriani was one of the foremost bronze sculptors of his age.Finally, this book documents the legacy of these bronze reliefs in derivative works createdfor subsequent generations. As further testimony to the enduring appeal of Casini and Cipriani s extraordinary creation, variations of the reliefs from The Hours of Night and Day became popular as decorations on vases and as porcelain reliefs throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and on to the present day."

Polymer Clay Art Jewelry: How to Make Polymer Clay Jewelry Projects Using New Techniques
Polymer Clay Art Jewelry
How to Make Polymer Clay Jewelry Projects Using New Techniques
Paperback      ISBN: 1440235171

Make gorgeous polymer clay jewelry with instruction and inspiration from polymer clay designers Ilysa Ginsburg and Kira Slye. The unique and artistic techniques in Polymer Clay Art Jewelry provide new, versatile ways for creating fantastic necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more

  • 16 beautiful, eye-catching jewelry projects.
  • 4 creative themes that appeal to a range of styles.
  • Polymer clay techniques that use unusual tools and tricks.
  • Fun and inspiring for both beginner and intermediate levels.
Monumental Minnesota: A Guide to Ourdoor Sculpture
Monumental Minnesota
A Guide to Ourdoor Sculpture
Paperback      ISBN: 096177679x

Minnesotans have in the past century honored heroes and public figures, created mythic and heroic town symbols, funded abstracts on public streets and walkways, and now find themselves surrounded by a growing forest of sculpture carved by the chainsaw. Minnesota has more than 630 different pieces of outdoor sculpture, located in 150 different communities.

100 Sculptors of Tomorrow
100 Sculptors of Tomorrow
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500021473

Bypassing traditional art world channels, 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow is the culmination of a major, democratic open call for up-and-coming sculptors. From thousands of entries, an internationally renowned jury has identified the most exciting names in sculpture today, all showcased in this beautifully illustrated book. Following the much-respected 100 Painters of Tomorrow, which launched the careers of artists such as Michael Armitage, Yelena Popova, and Heman Chong, 100 Sculptors offers another powerful platform for artists and a fascinating, visually breathtaking experience for readers.

Sculpture is reemerging as a revered medium in today's artworld. In the age of 3-D modeling software and ever-proliferating materials, the possibilities for contemporary sculpture are truly dazzling, a fact to which the artworks on show in this book can attest.

Featuring a selection of the finest emerging sculptors from six continents and over thirty countries, 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow guides readers with biographical summaries and firsthand artist testimonies, as well as recommended reading and insights from curators, academics, writers, and fellow artists. This is an indispensable resource for students, teachers, practitioners, and anyone interested in the future of this ever-evolving art form.

30 Millennia of Sculpture
30 Millennia of Sculpture
Hardcover      ISBN: 1844848175

From its prehistoric origins to the conceptual modernity of the 20th century, sculpture has literally and figuratively moulded the art world. Offering an integral vision of the evolution of forms across civilisations and epochs, 30 Centuries of Sculpture presents the masterpieces of sculpture that, with their intriguing silhouettes, have shaped the current notion of beauty. Sculptures can reflect an era, an artist, or his public; this gallery in high relief presents, with its numerous references, detailed commentaries on works, and biographies of artists, an open door to history and art, and an ideal guide for both students and neophytes.