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Scandinavians in the State House: How Nordic Immigrants Shaped Minnesota Politics
Scandinavians in the State House
How Nordic Immigrants Shaped Minnesota Politics
Paperback      ISBN: 1681340305
Beginning in the 1850s, thousands of immigrants from Nordic countries settled in Minnesota and quickly established themselves in the political life of their new home. These Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Finns, and Icelanders first sowed their political seeds at the local level—as town clerks, city councilmen, county commissioners, sheriffs—and then broadened their sights to the state and national realm. Nordic immigrants served as governors, as Minnesota state senators and representatives, as U.S. congressmen, and as vice presidents of the United States. Many came to this country for political reasons and became radicals and activists in Minnesota. Others served as key leaders within the state's political parties. In Scandinavians in the State House, Klas Bergman explores who these immigrant politicians were and what drove them to become civically involved so soon after arriving in Minnesota. Profiling the individuals and movements at the forefront of this political activity, at the state and local level, Bergman examines the diverse political philosophies of the immigrant communities and reveals the lasting legacy of Scandinavian politicians in the creation of modern Minnesota—from Nelson and Olson, to Andersen and Carlson, to Humphrey and Mondale.
The Scott Collection: Minnesota's Black Community in the '50s, '60s, and '70s
The Scott Collection
Minnesota's Black Community in the '50s, '60s, and '70s
Paperback      ISBN: 1681340607
In the 1950s, '60s, and '70s, Minneapolis resident Walter R. Scott produced a series of books profiling the African American community of the Twin Cities. The people and stories presented in the three original volumes—Centennial Edition of the Minneapolis Beacon (1956), Minneapolis Negro Profile (1968), and Minnesota's Black Community (1976)—reflect a vibrant community of businesspeople, artists, educators, athletes, and other public figures while providing an intimate look at everyday life in black homes, schools, neighborhoods, and businesses. The Scott Collection brings back into print these fascinating documents of African American life and history in the Twin Cities. The original photos and profiles are supplemented with introductory essays that put Scott's work into context and shed light on what the images and descriptions from the time reveal about Minnesota's diverse populations then and now. The collection offers a "pictorial resume of the black community, its achievements, and its goals" and a fascinating window into particular moments in time.
Somalis in Minnesota
Somalis in Minnesota
Paperback      ISBN: 0873518675
An enlightening introduction to Minnesota’s Somalis, who have adjusted to a new climate, new language, and new culture in a region wholly different from their homeland.
Paperback      ISBN: 0738598941
Stillwater is located 20 miles east of St. Paul on the banks of the scenic St. Croix River and the Wisconsin border. Settled in 1843, Stillwater became the center of the lumber industry in the upper Midwest for the next 75 years. During the late 1880s and early 1890s, more logs passed down the St. Croix River than any other place in the world, and the lumber produced in Stillwater was used to build the central part of the United States. One of the first institutions authorized by the Territory of Minnesota, the prison, was located in Stillwater. Three of the most notorious convicts were the Younger brothers--Cole, Jim, and Bob--who, along with Frank and Jesse James, tried to rob the bank in Northfield in 1876. The Jameses eluded capture, but the Youngers served 25 years behind the stone walls of the Stillwater Prison.
The Story of Minneapolis
The Story of Minneapolis
Paperback      ISBN: 0738594873
The author has grown up in Minneapolis. He believes in Minneapolis and wants all the boys and girls in the city to believe in Minneapolis. But how shall they believe in the city of which they have not heard, and how shall they understand except they be guided? In the course of his teaching the author has tried to guide some of them, both in the class-room and through the city itself, to a better knowledge of what Minneapolis has been, what she is, geographically, industrially, and culturally, and whithter she is tending, so far as we are able to judge by the activities of her citizens. At the same time, following the revised course of study, grade teachers have been aiming at the same end. If this book shall prove of service to them in their interpretation of the “city built to music, and therefore never built, and therefore built for ever,
Thank You for Shopping: The Golden Age of Minnesota Department Stores
Thank You for Shopping
The Golden Age of Minnesota Department Stores
Hardcover      ISBN: 1681340976
Relive the glory days of retail—when a trip to the department store was a special occasion—with nostalgic stories and vintage photos and ads.

They Sang for Norway: Olaf Oleson's Immigrant Choir
They Sang for Norway
Olaf Oleson's Immigrant Choir
Paperback      ISBN: 168134047x
From choir singing to supporting guerrillas—the story of a Norwegian immigrant in America and the struggle for independence back home.
Too Hot, Went to Lake: Seasonal Photos from Minnesota's Past
Too Hot, Went to Lake
Seasonal Photos from Minnesota's Past
Paperback      ISBN: 0873516389
Boys with a sprinkler, nuns at a ball game, proud hunters with their quarry--this collection of more than three hundred pictures dating from the earliest cameras to the mid-twentieth century offers a trip back in time. Peg Meier, award-winning former reporter for the Star Tribune, also shares excerpts collected from diaries and letters that allow Minnesotans of ages past to comment on pine tree vistas, harvest bounty, and the weather, always the weather. First published in 1993, the beloved Too Hot, Went To Lake promises a history of the state and its people that's easy to enjoy.
Twin Cities Picture Show: A Century of Moviegoing
Twin Cities Picture Show
A Century of Moviegoing
Paperback      ISBN: 1681341115
A lively illustrated history that reveals how the movie business has fascinated, scandalized, and socialized the Twin Cities and its people.
Under a Flaming Sky: The Great Hinckley Firestorm of 1894
Under a Flaming Sky
The Great Hinckley Firestorm of 1894
Paperback      ISBN: 1493022008
One of North America's most destructive fires, and the amazing true story of how its survivors escaped to change a nation.