Color in Art Media
Coloring Paris: Featuring the Artwork of Celebrated Illustrator Tomislav Tomic
Coloring Paris
Featuring the Artwork of Celebrated Illustrator Tomislav Tomic
Paperback      ISBN: 1600584004

Pictura showcases a stunning range of art to collect and admire and encourages beginning to advanced artists to put their own stamp of creativity on the artwork by coloring it in. Its unique accordion foldout format makes it an attractive decorative piece that can be displayed and shared with others. Some of the world's most famous and respected illustrators set the foundation of the artwork by creating beautiful, original, and imaginative scenes. It is up to the individual to color in these spectacular settings, enhancing the scenes and adding their own personal touch. Coloring Paris features the unique art of talented artist Tomislav Tomic, whose style is so detailed and precise that his drawings take on an engraved look. Through Tomislav's beautiful renderings of Paris, circa 1900, artists are transported to a city filled with excitement as it holds the World's Fair. On the flip side of the panel, artists can learn more about the featured landmarks and how to draw a hot air balloon and your own Parisian scene. With so many details packed into an 8-panel display, Coloring Paris invites artists to explore an exciting time and place in history in the comfort of their own home.

Love Color: Choosing Colors to Live with
Love Color
Choosing Colors to Live with
Hardcover      ISBN: 1782405798

Choosing colors for your home can become an overwhelming and confusing process--there is just so much on offer. Love Color will help you to bring your favorite colors to life by successfully making all those challenging decisions. Renowned international color expert Anna Starmer takes you by the hand and guides you through this lavishly illustrated rainbow world of color combinations, teaching you everything you need to know about hues, tones, accents, and foundation colors along the way. Start by simply choosing a color you love, then take your inspiration from our accessible and practical palettes to create your own color combinations. This book also includes removable color chart booklet so you can note and match your perfect colors anytime you are out and about.

Mind Melt: Extreme Art Mazes to Color and Confound
Mind Melt
Extreme Art Mazes to Color and Confound
Paperback      ISBN: 1631592912

Mind Melt: Extreme Art Mazes to Color and Confound features 25 colorful, brain-stimulating mazes to solve, as well as black-and-white versions for you to color.

When you're looking for a way to unwind and calm your frazzled mindafter a long day, look no further than Mind Melt: Extreme Art Mazes to Color and Confound. These intricate mazes give you just the right things to focus your mind on, and when you're finished, you can grab your art supplies and color in the maze's black-and-white counter part.

Mind Melt: Extreme Art Mazes to Color and Confound features 25 beautiful, colorful, and challenging mazes, that are as satisfying to solve as they are to fill with color. Fun for adults and kids, artist Sophie Roach's mesmerizing designs offer a stimulating visual challenge to both maze and coloring enthusiasts. Maze solutions are included at the back of the book.

Paint by Sticker: Music Icons: Re-Create 10 Classic Photographs One Sticker at a Time!
Paint by Sticker: Music Icons
Re-Create 10 Classic Photographs One Sticker at a Time!
Paperback      ISBN: 1523500131
Paint by Sticker is the most exciting new idea in activity books, both for grown-ups and kids. A compelling activity for crafters and artists, doodlers and colorers of all ages, each Paint by Sticker book includes everything you need to create twelve vibrant, full-color "paintings." The original images are rendered in low-poly, a computer graphics style using geometric polygon shapes to create a 3D effect. As in paint-by-number, each template is divided into dozens of spaces, each with a number that corresponds to a particular sticker. Find the sticker, peel it, and place it in the right space. Add the next, and the next, and the next--it's an activity that's utterly absorbing, both in the pleasure of peeling and sticking and the growing satisfaction of watching a "painting" come to life, emerging from a flat black-and-white illustration to a dazzling image with color, body, and spirit.

Paint by Sticker: Music Icons brings us face-to-face with Elvis, The Beatles, Beyonc , David Bowie, Cher, Prince, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Madonna, Nina Simone, Dolly Parton, and "Weird Al" Yankovic.
Floral Color Palette: Innovative Color Combinations for Flower Arranging
Floral Color Palette
Innovative Color Combinations for Flower Arranging
Hardcover      ISBN: 4865051678
A first-of-its-kind book dedicated to color combinations in floral design.
Floral Color Palette: Color Combinations for Flower Arrangements presents color combination ideas together with flowers in corresponding colors. The color schemes are based in four primary tones: Pastel, Vivid, Smokey and Dark. In addition to introductory pages highlighting fundamental color theory, each scheme is accompanied with beautiful full-color photographs. Floral design beginners and flower lovers of all kinds will enjoy pouring through the pages.
To the Moon: The Tallest Coloring Book in the World
To the Moon
The Tallest Coloring Book in the World
Paperback      ISBN: 178067757x

Climb up to the moon with this amazing fold-out coloring book, the longest in the world

Color an amazing tower, all the way from your house down on the ground, past dragons, witches, space ports, and flying elephants, to reach the moon at the very top

Grab your pens and let's get going Can you climb all the way to the moon? Hours of fun for coloring enthusiasts of all ages.
Making Color Sing
Making Color Sing
Paperback      ISBN: 0823029921

Through easy-to-follow exercises, this manual seeks to stimulate new ways to think about colour, generating responses that unlock personal creativity and allowing artists to express themselves with paint as never before. Readers are shown how the interplay of complementary hues can trigger vibrations; how the push and pull of warm and cool colours can create a feeling of space; how to disguise one colour in a scene to accent another; and many more tips.

Visions of the Universe: A Coloring Journey Through Math's Great Mysteries
Visions of the Universe
A Coloring Journey Through Math's Great Mysteries
Paperback      ISBN: 1615193677
The problems that challenge math’s greatest minds—transformed into inspiring images foreveryone to color!

In their bestselling coloring book Patterns of the Universe, Alex Bellos and Edmund Harriss wowed at-home artists with the surprising beauty—and contemplative power—of math. Now, inVisions of the Universe, they invite us back to Numberland to ponder some of math’s most intriguing questions: What does a sphere look like infour dimensions? How can a knight on a chessboard visit every square, exactly once? And can a five-sided tile cover an infinite floor?

Through 60 all-new patterns to color—plus 10 bonus designs the reader helps to create—these classic and modern math questions and answers are transformed into stunning art. Believe it or not, here is art for math lovers—and math for artists!
Microscopic Monsters Coloring Book: Color the Smallest Organisms Among Us
Microscopic Monsters Coloring Book
Color the Smallest Organisms Among Us
Paperback      ISBN: 9188369048

Microscopic Monsters introduces a world of real monsters. Monsters that are invisible to the naked eye. Monsters that live among us in forests, oceans and clothes, in our beds, on our skin and inside our bodies. But you should not judge them by their looks, many of them are our friends. Microscopic Monsters is a coloring book for the brave. We plunge into a world where no creature looks as if it is part of the world we are used to. Here, we find the smallest organisms: mites, bacteria and viruses. Some have long, hairy legs and scales, others tusks and jaws you have only encountered in your worst nightmares. In Microscopic Monsters, these tiny organisms have been blown up to A4-size, but they are still full of details just waiting to be colored in. Don't hesitate to take a closer look at the good and bad monsters that are everywhere among us.

Brilliantly Vivid Color-By-Number: Birds and Butterflies: Guided Coloring for Creative Relaxation--30 Original Designs + 4 Full-Color Bonus Prints--Ea
Brilliantly Vivid Color-By-Number: Birds and Butterflies
Guided Coloring for Creative Relaxation--30 Original Designs + 4 Full-Color Bonus Prints--Ea
Paperback      ISBN: 1589239466

Beauty in flight: Original artwork numbered for coloring provides creative relaxation.

Each book in the Brilliantly Vivid Color-by-Number series presents 30 pieces of numbered original artwork by Italian artist F. Sehnaz Bac, renowned for the stunning palettes of her whimsical painted rock designs. Birds and Butterflies includes songbirds, owls, butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and other winged marvels, all numbered for vibrant coloring in markers, colored pencils, crayons, or paints, along with coloring instruction (with a color key) and four bonus full-color prints. Simply color in each numbered space with the corresponding color in the color key, or explore your unique creative path and fill the spaces with your own palette. Relax, unwind, and be creative as you color in these lovely pieces of art. Once you've enjoyed these designs, you'll want to try Sehnaz's two other Brilliantly Vivid Color-by-Number books: Animal Friends, which feature her endearing cats, bunnies, and elephants, along with many other marvelous creatures frolicking on land and under the sea; and Flowers and Mandalas, which include her dazzling mandalas and fun and fanciful blooms.