U.s. History - Vietnam Conflict
War and Responsibility: Constitutional Lessons of Vietnam and Its Aftermath
War and Responsibility
Constitutional Lessons of Vietnam and Its Aftermath
Paperback      ISBN: 0691025525

Twenty years after the signing of the Paris Accords, the constitutional ambiguities of American involvement in the Vietnam War remain unresolved. John Hart Ely examines the overall constitutionality of America's role in Vietnam; and shows that Congress authorized each new phase of American involvement without committing itself to the stated aims of intervention.

The War in Vietnam
The War in Vietnam
Hardcover      ISBN: 0313298475

The Vietnam War marked the first time in history that the United States did not achieve its central goal in going to war. This analysis of the causes, events, and legacy of the war in Vietnam is designed for high school and college student research into a war whose economic, political, and social consequences are still being felt today. Students today cannot understand Americans' present cynicism about government, loss of faith in political officials, and reluctance to become involved militarily in distant areas of the world without understanding the causes and legacy of the war that changed Americans' perception of their country and its role in the world.

Written by an expert on the Vietnam War, this book features an introductory narrative overview of the war incorporating the most recent scholarship and seven topical essays. Ready-reference features include a chronology of events, lengthy biographical profiles of twenty-one major players, the text of twenty-four primary documents, including first-person accounts, poems, speeches, and government reports, a glossary of selected terms, and an annotated bibliography of recommended books, electronic resources, and feature and documentary films. This resource will help students gain a deeper understanding of the reasons for American involvement, the dramatic events of the war in which more than 58,000 Americans lost their lives, and the war's continuing legacy.

The War Within: America's Battle Over Vietnam
The War Within
America's Battle Over Vietnam
Paperback      ISBN: 1504029445

The War Within: America's Battle over Vietnam is a painfully engrossing and popularly written account of how the battle on the home front ended America's least popular war. This absorbing narrative, hailed by critics of every persuasion, is the fruit of over a decade's worth of research: the author sifted through mountains of government documents, press coverage, and transcripts of interviews he conducted with virtually all of the key players, both inside the U.S. government and among the dissenters who eventually brought the war to an end. In these pages the antiwar era comes to life through the words of scores of participants, both the famous and the forgotten, who speak with candor and passion about this tumultuous period. A remarkable story of a powerful grassroots movement and its influence on officials in Washington.

What Remains: Bringing America's Missing Home from the Vietnam War
What Remains
Bringing America's Missing Home from the Vietnam War
Hardcover      ISBN: 0674988345

Winner of the 2020 Victor Turner Prize in Ethnographic Writing

Nearly 1,600 Americans are still unaccounted for and presumed dead from the Vietnam War. These are the stories of those who mourn and continue to search for them.

For many families the Vietnam War remains unsettled. Nearly 1,600 Americans--and more than 300,000 Vietnamese--involved in the conflict are still unaccounted for. In What Remains, Sarah E. Wagner tells the stories of America's missing service members and the families and communities that continue to search for them. From the scientists who work to identify the dead using bits of bone unearthed in Vietnamese jungles to the relatives who press government officials to find the remains of their loved ones, Wagner introduces us to the men and women who seek to bring the missing back home. Through their experiences she examines the ongoing toll of America's most fraught war.

Every generation has known the uncertainties of war. Collective memorials, such as the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery, testify to the many service members who never return, their fates still unresolved. But advances in forensic science have provided new and powerful tools to identify the remains of the missing, often from the merest trace--a tooth or other fragment. These new techniques have enabled military experts to recover, repatriate, identify, and return the remains of lost service members. So promising are these scientific developments that they have raised the expectations of military families hoping to locate their missing. As Wagner shows, the possibility of such homecomings compels Americans to wrestle anew with their memories, as with the weight of their loved ones' sacrifices, and to reevaluate what it means to wage war and die on behalf of the nation.
Where the Domino Fell: America and Vietnam 1945 - 2010
Where the Domino Fell
America and Vietnam 1945 - 2010
Paperback      ISBN: 1444350501

This updated, expanded edition of Where the Domino Fell recounts the history of American involvement in Vietnam from the end of World War II, clarifying the political aims, military strategy, and social and economic factors that contributed to the participants' actions.

  • Revised and updated to include an examination of Vietnam through the point of view of the soldiers themselves, and brings the story up to the present day through a look at how the war has been memorialized
  • A final chapter examines Vietnam through the lens of Oliver Stone's films and opens up a discussion of the War in popular culture
  • Written with brevity and clarity, this concise narrative history of the Vietnam conflict is an ideal student text
  • A chronology, glossary, and a bibliography all serve as helpful reference points for students
  • An important contribution not only to the study of the Vietnam War but to an understanding of the larger workings of American foreign policy
Wisconsin's 37: The Lives of Those Missing in Action in the Vietnam War
Wisconsin's 37
The Lives of Those Missing in Action in the Vietnam War
Paperback      ISBN: 1476672008

The signing of the Paris Peace Accords in 1973 signified the end of the Vietnam War. American personnel returned home and the 591 American prisoners held captive in North Vietnam were released. Still, 2,646 individuals did not come home. Thirty-seven of those missing in action were from Wisconsin. Their names appear on the largest object--a motorcycle (now part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Collection)--ever left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Using the recollections of the soldiers' families, friends and fellow servicemen, the author tells the story of each man's life.