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Rosemary: The Hidden Kennedy Daughter
The Hidden Kennedy Daughter
Paperback      ISBN: 0544811909
Based on information contained in Rose Kennedy's diaries and correspondence, as well as exclusive family interviews, the author describes the plight of a woman forgotten to history, who was intellectually disabled and kept hidden by the family after she received a lobotomy at the age of 23. 75,000 first printing. Illustrations.
Our Man: Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century
Our Man
Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 0307958027
The National Book Award-winning author of The Unwinding draws on firsthand writings in a narrative portrait of the influential American diplomat that explores how his achievements over half a century of history were complicated by his political ambitions.
Behold, America: The Entangled History of
Behold, America
The Entangled History of "America First" and "The American Dream"
Hardcover      ISBN: 1541673409
Discusses the history of the "America First" movement, which was linked with authoritarianism and white supremacy and compares it with the "American Dream" which promotes economic equality, through the various historical events of the 20th century.
And Still I Rise: Black America Since MLK
And Still I Rise
Black America Since MLK
Hardcover      ISBN: 0062427008
A companion book to the PBS series examines black history from the passage of the Civil Rights Act to the election of Barack Obama and describes the contradictions in the modern African-American community. 50,000 first printing.\20151201\
My Young Life: 1944-1964: the Bronx, Manhattan, Mexico, Syracuse, Alphabet City
My Young Life
1944-1964: the Bronx, Manhattan, Mexico, Syracuse, Alphabet City
Hardcover      ISBN: 1501194453
Sharing his personal and artistic coming-of-age in 1950s New York, a novelist, essayist and critic tells the story of those early formative years where he would discover the kind of life he wanted to lead. 40,000 first printing.
Broadcast Hysteria: Orson Welles's War of the Worlds and the Art of Fake News
Broadcast Hysteria
Orson Welles's War of the Worlds and the Art of Fake News
Paperback      ISBN: 0809031647
Retells the story of the famed radio play and its impact, examining how the broadcast became a major scandal and caused a debate over the power of radio broadcasting and the country's vulnerability in times of crisis.
Bop Apocalypse: Jazz, Race, the Beats, and Drugs
Bop Apocalypse
Jazz, Race, the Beats, and Drugs
Hardcover      ISBN: 0306824752
A gripping narrative non-fiction tale about the rise of the early drug culture in America, by the author of the acclaimedCan’t Find My Way Home
Arthur Ashe: A Life
Arthur Ashe
A Life
Hardcover      ISBN: 1439189048
The first comprehensive, authoritative biography of American icon Arthur Ashe—the Jackie Robinson of men’s tennis—a pioneering athlete who, after breaking the color barrier, went on to become an influential civil rights activist and public intellectual. Born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1943, by the age of eleven, Arthur Ashe was one of the state's most talented black tennis players. Jim Crow restrictions barred Ashe from competing with whites. Still, in 1960 he won the National Junior Indoor singles title, which led to a tennis scholarship at UCLA. He became the first African American to play for the US Davis Cup team in 1963, and two years later he won the NCAA singles championship. In 1968, he won both the US Amateur title and the first US Open title, rising to a number one national ranking. Turning professional in 1969, he soon became one of the world’s most successful tennis stars, winning the Australian Open in 1970 and Wimbledon in 1975. After retiring in 1980, he served four years as the US Davis Cup captain and was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1985. In this revelatory biography, Raymond Arsenault chronicles Ashe’s rise to stardom on the court. But much of the book explores his off-court career as a human rights activist, philanthropist, broadcaster, writer, businessman, and celebrity. In the 1970s and 1980s, Ashe gained renown as an advocate for sportsmanship, education, racial equality, and the elimination of apartheid in South Africa. But from 1979 on, he was forced to deal with a serious heart condition that led to multiple surgeries and blood transfusions, one of which left him HIV-positive. In 1988, after completing a three-volume history of African-American athletes, he was diagnosed with AIDS, a condition he revealed only four years later. After devoting the last ten months of his life to AIDS activism, he died in February 1993 at the age of forty-nine, leaving an inspiring legacy of dignity, integrity, and active citizenship. Based on prodigious research, including more than one hundred interviews, Raymond Arsenault’s insightful and compelling biography puts Ashe in the context of both his time and the long struggle of African-American athletes seeking equal opportunity and respect.
The Black Panthers: Portraits from an Unfinished Revolution
The Black Panthers
Portraits from an Unfinished Revolution
Paperback      ISBN: 1568585551
"October 2016 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party. Photojournalist Bryan Shih, who has been interviewing and taking portraits of the surviving Panthers around the country for years, has partnered with Yohuru Williams, dean and history professor at Fairfield University, to deliver the definitive celebration of the Black Panthers. Part oral history, part scrapbook, this is a beautifully produced book of forty-five black-and-white portraits of the Panthers today, alongside interviews with the surviving Panthers, archival images, Black Panther Party pamphlets and speeches, as well as essays by contributors such as Peniel Joseph, Alondra Nelson, Rhonda Williams, and other high-profile scholars to provide background and context."--Provided by publisher.
Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America
Blood at the Root
A Racial Cleansing in America
Hardcover      ISBN: 0393293017
"A gripping tale of racial cleansing in Forsyth County, Georgia and ... testament to the deep roots of racial violence in America ... Patrick Phillips breaks the century-long silence of his hometown and uncovers a history of racial terrorism that continues to shape America in the twenty-first century"--