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Stalin's Man in Canada: Fred Rose and Soviet Espionage
Stalin's Man in Canada
Fred Rose and Soviet Espionage
Hardcover      ISBN: 1936274272
The key role played by Canadian Communist Fred Rose in atomic espionage is explained here for the first time. Born in Lublin, Poland, in 1907, he came to Montreal with his parents, joined the Young Communist League and was elected National Secretary in 1929. A secret member of Gaik Ovakimyan's North American NKVD network, he worked with Jacob Golos, Elizabeth Bentley's employer, in securing Canadian passports for Soviet agents. In 1943 Rose was elected to the federal Canadian parliament from a working class district in Montreal. In September 1945, Soviet embassy clerk Igor Gouzenko defected with documents that revealed an elaborate espionage operation to acquire American atomic research. Fred Rose was a major player in the scheme. Rose was found guilty of conspiring to turn over information about the explosive RDX to the Soviets, and was sentenced to a six-year prison term. He returned to his native Poland in 1953 and died in Warsaw in 1983, a disillusioned witness to the collapse of the Leninist vision he'd lived by. David Levy is a film historian and producer. This is his first work of espionage nonfiction.
War Plan Red: The United States' Secret Plan to Invade Canada and Canada's Secret Plan to Invade the United States
War Plan Red
The United States' Secret Plan to Invade Canada and Canada's Secret Plan to Invade the United States
Paperback      ISBN: 1616893524
Beginning with a short history of border relations between the United States and Canada, War Plan Red provides a synopsis of two plans: the Canadian “Defence Scheme No. 1
We Are Canada: A Very, Very Short History of Canada
We Are Canada
A Very, Very Short History of Canada
Paperback      ISBN: 1927018307
This is Canada. We grumble, then we get along.This is a story of Canada unlike any you’ve heard before. Illustrated and evocative, it conjures up a new understanding of who we are and what we’ve built, together.We Are Canada tackles tough questions about Canadian identity, underpinned by the simple idea that we are one.
The 1711 Expedition to Quebec: Politics and the Limitations of British Global Strategy
The 1711 Expedition to Quebec
Politics and the Limitations of British Global Strategy
Paperback      ISBN: 1472581695
200 Years at St. John's York Mills: The Oldest Church in Toronto
200 Years at St. John's York Mills
The Oldest Church in Toronto
Paperback      ISBN: 145973758x
The history of the oldest parish church in the Toronto area is also the history of North Toronto and a changing culture. The War of 1812 was barely over when the people of York Mills felled the trees that would become the first St. John’s Anglican Church. Built in 1816 on land donated by pioneer settlers Joseph and Catherine Shepard, the little log church was the first outpost of St. James Church in the Town of York and the first parish church in what would one day become the City of Toronto. The brick church that stands there today, high on the land overlooking Hogg’s Hollow, was completed in 1844 and though enlarged and improved over the years, it continues to serve as a welcoming place of worship and a valuable repository of Canadian history. This book is being published to celebrate the 200th anniversary of St. John’s York Mills and to document how St. John’s has stayed relevant in an ever-changing world.
Aboriginal and Visible Minority Librarians: Oral Histories from Canada
Aboriginal and Visible Minority Librarians
Oral Histories from Canada
Paperback      ISBN: 1442236817
Aboriginal and Visible Minority Librarians: Oral Histories from Canada, is a collection of chapters written by librarians of color in Canada writing about their experiences working in libraries. This book is not only for librarians in Canada and for those who aspire to become librarians, it is also for deans, directors, and faculty of libraries and library schools, managers and supervisors in libraries, human resources personnel, and other decision-makers in the field. It will also appeal to researchers interested in race relations, multiculturalism, intercultural communications and management, cross-cultural communications and management, cross-cultural studies, diversity, Aboriginal peoples, indigenous populations, and ethnic or visible minorities. The majority of the chapters written by visible minority librarians come from those born outside of Canada. They speak of their love for their new country, its generosity and support towards newcomers and immigrants, and their reasons for taking up the library profession. While few of the librarians speak of open racism, they narrate their experiences as those filled with challenges, self-doubt and courage. Several of the Aboriginal librarians who contributed to this book have worked within tribal communities and tribal libraries. In spite of working within community environments, they have experienced challenges, especially related to lack of funding. These librarians speak of having to deal with tokenism, lack of mentorship, and working in professional isolation. Some of them narrate their challenges in working with colleagues who do not relate to them. Lack of support is common, as many organizations do not have proper strategies to deal with discrimination. However, these chapters end with a positive note of encouragement for future librarians; the authors encourage all librarians to be engaged, find trusted mentors, seek help when needed, focus on professional development, and find a niche in the organization.
Africa's Children: A History of Blacks in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Africa's Children
A History of Blacks in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Paperback      ISBN: 1550028626
"Africa's Children is a testament to one's heritage, a belief in one's ancestors, and a record of truth ... no told!" -- Dr. Henry V. Bishop, chief curator, Black Cultural Centre, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Chronicling the history of Black families of the Yarmouth area of Nova Scotia, Africa's Children is a mirror image of the hopes and despairs and the achievements and injustices that mark the early stories of many African-Canadians. This extensively researched history traces the lives of those people, still enslaved at the time, who arrived with the influx of Black Loyalists and landed in Shelburne in 1783, as well as those who had come with their masters as early as 1767. Their migration to a new home did little to improve their overall living conditions, a situation that would persist for many years throughout Yarmouth County. By drawing on a comprehensive range of sources that include census and cemetery records, church and school histories, libraries, museums, oral histories, newspapers, wills The Black Loyalist Directory, and many others, this is a history that has been overlooked for far too long.
Along the E & N: A Journey Back to the Historic Hotels of Vancouver Island
Along the E & N
A Journey Back to the Historic Hotels of Vancouver Island
Paperback      ISBN: 1771512873
An exploration of the fascinating history of more than thirty historic hotels
Athlii Gwaii: Upholding Haida Law on Lyell Island
Athlii Gwaii
Upholding Haida Law on Lyell Island
Paperback      ISBN: 0995994668
Haida Elders and activists tell the epic story of the 1985 War in the Woods when, despite 72 arrests, they stared down the logging trucks and stopped clear-cutting on Athlii Gwaii (Lyell Island), leading to the creation of Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve and Haida Heritage Site. “This is Haida land, you all know that, and we’re here to uphold the decision of the Haida Nation. This is Haida land and there will be no further logging in this area.
Battle Royal: Monarchists Vs. Republicans for the Crown of Canada
Battle Royal
Monarchists Vs. Republicans for the Crown of Canada
Paperback      ISBN: 1459740130
A nuanced and thorough investigation of the cases for preserving or abolishing the monarchy in Canada. Subjecting both sides to searching critiques, political scientist David Johnson examines the republican challenge to the Crown and the monarchist defence of it, while giving a tantalizing view of what the reign of King Charles III might look like.