Women and Art
Lee Krasner: Living Colour
Lee Krasner
Living Colour
Hardcover      ISBN: 050009408x
A richly illustratedmonograph on the life andwork of Lee Krasner, oneof the twentieth century
The Artists
The Artists
Hardcover      ISBN: 1788400631
Forgotten Women is a new series of books that uncover the lost herstories of influential women who have refused over hundreds of years to accept the hand they've been dealt and, as a result, have formed, shaped and changed the course of our futures. From leaders and scientists to artists and writers, the fascinating stories of these women that time forgot are now celebrated, putting their achievements firmly back on the map. The Artists brings together the stories of 48* brilliant woman artists who made huge yet unacknowledged contributions to the history of art, including Camille Claudel, the extraordinarily talented sculptor who was always unfairly overshadowed by her lover, Rodin; Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, who has been claimed as the true originator of Marcel Duchamp's Fountain; and Ana Mendieta, the Cuban refugee who approached violence against women through her performance art before her own untimely death. With chapters ranging from Figurative to Photography, and Craft to Conceptual, this is an alternative guide to art history that demonstrates the broad range of artistic movements that included, and were often pioneered by, female artists who have been largely overlooked. *The number of Nobel-prize-winning women.
Down Below
Down Below
Paperback      ISBN: 1681370603
Leonora Carrington is perhaps the most enchanting of the women Surrealists. The daughter of Anglo Irish privilege, she broke free of her manor-house upbringing and fled, first to art school, and then to the Continent. Though she is best known as a painter of the gothic fantastic, with a cult following and one-woman shows at museums around the world, her writing is no less striking. Down Below describes the events of 1940, when, after her longtime lover, artist Max Ernst was sent to a concentration camp, Carrington was “led across the border of Knowledge
Women, Art, and Society
Women, Art, and Society
Paperback      ISBN: 0500203547
The third edition of Chadwick's (San Francisco State U., Calif.) classic text on women and art contains two new chapters, on globalization and a feminist perspective of international exhibitions of the 1990s. Theoretical approaches to feminist art history are carefully described in the introduction. The text surveys women in art and women making art from the Middle Ages through the present. The bibliography is organized by topic or artist for each chapter. Though organized chronologically, this is a substantial text, devoted to themes and issues more than personalities. Annotation (c) Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)
The Art of Scandal: The Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner
The Art of Scandal
The Life and Times of Isabella Stewart Gardner
Hardcover      ISBN: 0060186437
An intriguing portrait of an eccentric and passionate woman who compiled one of the finest art collections in America is set against a backdrop of late nineteenth-century Boston society and examines her personal life, marriage, interest in art, and many accomnplishments.
Hollis Sigler's Breast Cancer Journal
Hollis Sigler's Breast Cancer Journal
Paperback      ISBN: 1555951767
Hollis Sigler, a leading feminist artist, was diagnosed in 1985 with breast cancer. After it reacurred, she began a pictorial journal, now encompassing more than 100 works.
Women in Dada: Essays on Sex, Gender, and Identity
Women in Dada
Essays on Sex, Gender, and Identity
Hardcover      ISBN: 0262194090
For all of its iconoclasm, the Dada spirit was not without repression, and the Dada movement was not without misogynist tendencies. Indeed, the word Dada evokes the idea of the male—both as father and as domineering authority. Thus female colleagues were to be seen not heard, nurturers not usurpers, pleasant not disruptive. This book is the first to make the case that women's changing role in European and American society was critical to Dada. Debates about birth control and suffrage, a declining male population and expanding female workforce, the emergence of the New Woman, and Freudianism were among the forces that contributed to the Dadaist enterprise. Among the female dadaists discussed are the German emigre Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven; Berlin dadaist Hannah Hoch; French dadaists Juliette Roche and Suzanne Duchamp; Zurich dadaists Sophie Taeuber and Emmy Hennings; expatriate poet and artist Mina Loy; the "Queen of Greenwich Village," Clara Tice; Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap, the lesbian couple who ran The Little Review; and Beatrice Wood, who died in 1998 at the age of 105. The book also addresses issues of colonialist racism, cross-dressing and dandyism, and the gendering of the machine. The bibliography was compiled by the International Dada Archive (Timothy Shipe and Rudolf E. Kuenzli). Contributors: Eleanor S. Apter, Barbara J. Bloemink, Willard Bohn, Carolyn Burke, William A. Camfield, Whitney Chadwick, Dorothea Dietrich, Susan Fillin-Yeh, Paul B. Franklin, Renee Riese Hubert, Marisa Januzzi, Amelia Jones, Marie T. Keller, Rudolf E. Kuenzli, Maud Lavin, Margaret A. Morgan, Dickran Tashjian, Elizabeth Hutton Turner, Barbara Zabel.
Women Of Flowers: A Tribute To Victorian Women Illustrators
Women Of Flowers
A Tribute To Victorian Women Illustrators
Hardcover      ISBN: 1932183485
Jack Kramer’s Women of Flowers: A Tribute to Victorian Women Illustrators was published in 1996 by Stewart, Tabori and Chang in a large format and was immediately honored with an award of excellence from the Garden Writers Association of America. Now in a mini edition, this remarkable illustrated book allows us to venture back to the Golden Age of Illustration so that we may discover the work and personalities of the women who were previously unnamed. Susan Fenimore Cooper wrote books about the flora and fauna of upstate New York in the 1850s while living in service to her famous father, James. Mrs. E.W. Wirt, the mother of twelve, compiled and illustrated books about flowers to amuse and educate her children. Elizabeth Blackwell drew 500 botanical plates to raise money to free her husband from debtor’s prison. These are only a few of the artists we call Women of Flowers. Since the early 1970s, horticultural expert Jack Kramer has been collecting works by Victorian women artists. Women of Flowers is his tribute to those women who received so little credit in their own day and age. Over 150 floral paintings and prints illustrate the life stories of 35 women artists from America, England, Germany, and France. In this elegant and charming gift book, hundreds of dazzling full-color floral paintings and botanical prints illustrate the fascinating life stories of Victorian women artists who made tremendous contributions to the art and science of botany. Most received little or no recognition for their work due to the patriarchal Victorian society that they lived in. Women of Flowers pays homage to these remarkable artists in a volume that compiles not only their history and biographies but also some of their best work.
25 Women: Essays on Their Art
25 Women
Essays on Their Art
Hardcover      ISBN: 0226333159
Newsweek calls him “exhilarating and deeply engaging.
Alias Olympia: A Woman's Search for Manet's Notorious Model & Her Own Desire
Alias Olympia
A Woman's Search for Manet's Notorious Model & Her Own Desire
Paperback      ISBN: 0801486092
Eunice Lipton was a fledging art historian when she first became intrigued by Victorine Meurent, the nineteenth-century model who appeared in Edouard Manet's most famous paintings, only to vanish from history in a haze of degrading hearsay. But had this bold and spirited beauty really descended into prostitution, drunkenness, and early death—or did her life, hidden from history, take a different course altogether? Eunice Lipton's search for the answer combines the suspense of a detective story with the revelatory power of art, peeling off layers of lies to reveal startling truths about Victorine Meurent—and about Lipton herself.