Special Subjects in Art
Lady of the Beasts: The Goddess and Her Sacred Animals
Lady of the Beasts
The Goddess and Her Sacred Animals
Paperback      ISBN: 089281523x

This vivid and provocative book provides an unparelleled overview of the Goddess as she was defined by the ancient societies whose people worshiped her. The author spent more than four decades studying Goddess images--statues, religious artifacts, and art--from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and other parts of the world. With more than 400 magnificent illustrations and photographs (many in color) of historic and prehistoric objects, this book provides a diverse display of stunning images that focus on the Goddess in relation to her sacred animals.

Dance: American Art, 1830-1960
American Art, 1830-1960
Hardcover      ISBN: 0300211619
A landmark examination of the art and artists inspired by American dance from 1830 to 1960

As an enduring wellspring of creativity for many artists throughout history, dance has provided a visual language to express such themes as the bonds of community, the allure of the exotic, and the pleasures of the body. This book is the first major investigation of the visual arts related to American dance, offering an unprecedented, interdisciplinary overview of dance-inspired works from 1830 to 1960.

Fourteen essays by renowned historians of art and dance analyze the ways dance influenced many of America's most prominent artists, including George Caleb Bingham, William Sidney Mount, Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Cecilia Beaux, Isamu Noguchi, Aaron Douglas, Malvina Hoffman, Edward Steichen, Arthur Davies, William Johnson, and Joseph Cornell. The artists did not merely represent dance, they were inspired to think about how Americans move, present themselves to one another, and experience time. Their artwork, in turn, affords insights into the cultural, social, and political moments in which it was created. For some artists, dance informed even the way they applied paint to canvas, carved a sculpture, or framed a photograph. Richly illustrated, the book includes depictions of Irish-American jigs, African-American cakewalkers, and Spanish-American fandangos, among others, and demonstrates how dance offers a means for communicating through an aesthetic, static form.
Birds & Blooms of the 50 States
Birds & Blooms of the 50 States
Hardcover      ISBN: 1452112630

This enchanting tour of America's most cherished birds and flowers is an intimate collection of lovely images from beloved letterpress studio Dutch Door Press. Each state's emblematic flora and fauna are paired in winsome vintage-inspired compositions and accompanied by fascinating facts about the states, the plant and animal species, and how they came to symbolize their regions. From the quail and poppy of California to the bluebird and rose of New York, every page of this volume offers a visual treat filled with charm and nostalgia. An exquisite tribute to a sweet tradition, Birds & Blooms of the 50 States is perfect for Mother's Day gifting and year-round good cheer.

Atlantis: Lost Lands, Ancient Wisdom
Lost Lands, Ancient Wisdom
Paperback      ISBN: 0500810516

The mythical lost island of Atlantis has preoccupied thinkers from Plato to Rudolf Steiner (and a fair number of eccentrics as well) for more than two thousand years.

Books of the Dead: Manuals for Living and Dying
Books of the Dead
Manuals for Living and Dying
Paperback      ISBN: 0500810583

Shamans and mystics seeking to enter the afterlife by "dying before dying" have inspired Books of the Dead across continents and millennia, from Egypt and Tibet to Europe and the Americas. Stanislav Grof suggests that these depictions, ritual manuals, and mythic maps for the afterlife are bound by common threads and that modern consciousness research may bring us closer than ever to the realms beyond life.

A History of Pictures: From the Cave to the Computer Screen
A History of Pictures
From the Cave to the Computer Screen
1st Edition    Hardcover      ISBN: 1419722751

A picture, says David Hockney, is the only way that we can communicate what we see. Here, in a collaboration with art critic Martin Gayford, he explores the many ways that artists have pictured the world, sharing sparkling insights and ideas that will delight every art lover and art maker. Readers who thrilled to Hockney's Secret Knowledge know that he has an uncanny ability to get into the minds of artists. In A History of Pictures he covers far more ground, getting at the roots of visual expression and technique through hundreds of images--from cave paintings to frames from movies--that are reproduced. It's a joyful celebration of one of humanity's oldest impulses.

Acrylic: Animals: Learn to Paint Animals in Acrylic Step by Step - 40 Page Step-By-Step Painting Book
Acrylic: Animals
Learn to Paint Animals in Acrylic Step by Step - 40 Page Step-By-Step Painting Book
Paperback      ISBN: 1633220893

With comprehensive instruction and artist tips and tricks, Animals is the perfect resource for aspiring artists interested in painting with acrylic.

Animals teaches the aspiring artist everything they need to know to get started painting a variety of animals in acrylic. From choosing paper and brushes to beginning painting techniques to composition and development, this book is bursting with valuable skills and lessons to help beginning artists master this approachable medium.

Talented artists guide the readers through an exploration of the medium and the subject matter, covering basic animal painting concepts and techniques including how to render fur, feathers, texture, and more. Building on these basic techniques, artists can practice their craft with step-by-step projects that cover a variety of animal subjects, including horses, cats, dogs, and more.

With comprehensive instruction and artist tips and tricks, Animals is the perfect resource for aspiring artists interested in painting with acrylic.

Furnishing the Old-Fashioned Garden: Three Centuries of American Summerhouses, Dovecotes, Pergolas, Privies, Fences & Birdhouses
Furnishing the Old-Fashioned Garden
Three Centuries of American Summerhouses, Dovecotes, Pergolas, Privies, Fences & Birdhouses
Hardcover      ISBN: 0810933357

A historical portrait of American garden architecture, from the practical 18th-century necessary house to 19th-century neo-classical dovecotes. The author also describes the evolution of characteristic American motifs and crafts.

Como Te Llamas: Everyday Llamas You Might Know (Funny Llamas Book, Illustrated Animal Book)
Como Te Llamas
Everyday Llamas You Might Know (Funny Llamas Book, Illustrated Animal Book)
Hardcover      ISBN: 1452177775
Some mornings are Claire mornings. Allyn, we know just how you feel...
A funny book of llama illustrations by artist Kristin Llamas (her real name) with personality-rich portraits of named llamas, penned in a realistic and humorous black-and-white style.

Amusing, endearingly modern quips and names lend personality to each llama drawing.

- Finely detailed black and white illustrations of llamas
- An adorable collection of super-relatable llama portraits
- A sweet gift book that allows you to find a llama with your name

Fans of Llamanoes, Have a Little Pun, and Llive, Llaugh, Llove Llike a Llama will love this book.

- Llama fans
- Animal lovers
- Anyone who appreciates modern humor
The Splendor of Birds: Art and Photographs from National Geographic
The Splendor of Birds
Art and Photographs from National Geographic
Hardcover      ISBN: 1426219679
An elegant collection of the best artwork and photography from the National Geographic archives depicting the magnificence of birds.

Bird, nature, and art lovers alike will treasure this sumptuous visual celebration of the colors, forms, and behaviors of the winged wonders who share our world as they have been explored, displayed, and revealed throughout the years by National Geographic. The book moves chronologically so readers witness the tremendous growth in our knowledge of birds over the last 130 years, as well as the new frontiers in technology and observation--from luminous vintage paintings and classic black and white photographs to state-of-the art high-speed and telephoto camera shots that reveal moments rarely seen and sights invisible to the human eye. The wide diversity of pictures captures beloved songbirds outside the kitchen window, theatrical courtship dance of birds of paradise, tender moments inside a tern's nest, or the vivid flash of a hummingbird's flight. Readers will delight in seeing iconic species from around the world through the eyes of acclaimed National Geographic wildlife photographers such as Chris Johns, Frans Lanting, Joel Sartore, and Tim Laman and reading excerpted passages from Arthur A. Allen, Roger Tory Peterson, Douglas Chadwick, Jane Goodall, and other great explorers. Exquisitely produced and expertly curated, this visual treasury displays as never before the irresistible beauty, grace, and intelligence of our feathered friends.