Performance Art
Lee Bul
Lee Bul
Paperback      ISBN: 1853323535

Marina Abramovic: The Cleaner
Marina Abramovic
The Cleaner
Paperback      ISBN: 3775742611
Marina Abramovic: Writings 1960-2014
Marina Abramovic
Writings 1960-2014
Hardcover      ISBN: 3960983662
Marlon Griffith: Symbols of Endurance
Marlon Griffith
Symbols of Endurance
Paperback      ISBN: 1910433934
Marlon Griffith: Symbols of Endurance covers the recent artistic practice of Trinidadian-born artist Marlon Griffith, whose work derives its form (and to an extent its process) from the performative, participatory and ephemeral characteristics that derive from the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Griffith’s work is based upon a reciprocal dialogue between ?Mas

Mona Hatoum
Mona Hatoum
Hardcover      ISBN: 0714870447
A revised and expanded edition of one the most popular titles in the Contemporary Artists Series Born in Lebanon, Palestinian artist Mona Hatoum was exiled to London, where she has lived and worked since the mid-1970s. Through performance, video, sculpture, and installation, she creates architectonic spaces that relate to the body, language, and the condition of exile as well as transforming everyday, domestic objects into things foreign, threatening, and dangerous. Often exquisitely beautiful, Hatoum's works combine states of emotion and longing with the formal simplicity of Minimalism, creating powerful evocations of displacement, denial, and otherness.
Morten Viskum: Works 1993-2016
Morten Viskum
Works 1993-2016
Hardcover      ISBN: 8857228665
The first official monograph dedicated to Morten Viskum, one of the most controversial contemporary artists in Norway. This volume collects the controversial artist's work in which he uses unconventional tools—including medical equipment, dead animals, cancer cells, and a deceased man's hand—to challenge the relationship between science and ethics, and what art can morally embrace. He became internationally known in 1995, when he conducted his "Rat/olive project." In the course of two days, he replaced the content of 20 olive jars with newborn rats across 20 grocery stores in the five largest cities in Norway. Since then, he has been regarded as one of the most controversial contemporary artists in Norway. Through his performative works he has shed light on a fear of the ephemeral and the strange that pervades our culture.
North Was Here
North Was Here
Paperback      ISBN: 1946433144
Oliver Beer
Oliver Beer
Hardcover      ISBN: 0995745617
Performance Now: Live Art for the 21st Century
Performance Now
Live Art for the 21st Century
Hardcover      ISBN: 0500021252
A landmark publication documenting the development of performance by visual artists since the turn of the twenty-first century
Philippe Parreno: Hypnosis Hypothesis
Philippe Parreno
Hypnosis Hypothesis
Hardcover      ISBN: 886749225x